#Review: The Tower of Never There, an @UltimateEnding book

the-tower-of-never-thereTitle: The Tower of Never There (Ultimate Ending #7)
Authors: Danny McAleese & David Kristoph
Rating: 5/5 stars

A date. A time. A set of pinpoint coordinates, and just two words:


In the middle of nowhere, an enormous spire materializes before your eyes. But what does it want? And why has it summoned you?

Floor by perilous floor, the answers lie in facing the tower’s strange and often eccentric inhabitants — from both this world and beyond.

Will you reach the top of the Tower of Never There? Or will it ultimately blink away — taking you along with it — before you can manage to unravel its secrets?

YOU choose your own path in this fantastic adventure! Ultimate Ending lets YOU pick the story. YOU make the decisions, solve the riddles, avoid the traps and gather the clues. It’s a mystery and adventure book that YOU control!(description from Goodreads)

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Let me just start off by saying that reading The Tower of Never There was the best experience I’ve had reading a choose your own adventure book. Recently I’ve read a few of the originals in the genre. And in the past I’ve read some set within my favorite children’s series. Most of the time I was left underwhelmed, whether I was a child myself or an adult reading them now. This time, that wasn’t the case.

Because of my history with this type of book I was hesitant to read the book at first. At the same time, I’ve been wondering what the authors of today had to offer. McAleese and Kristoph have written a story that somehow adds depth to the second person point of view, depth to a story that’s ever changing and full of confusion in setting and what’s next for the character/reader. I was fully engrossed when reading this book.

If you’re wondering if I made it to the “Ultimate Ending”, I did. But it took some time. I read through this book a few different times, taking different turns and different chances. Each read through was enjoyable and very easy to avoid being repetitive due to how many choices were available. I know I’ll be returning to this series of books to see what other adventures these two authors have for readers.

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You can grab this book from:

Amazon | B&N

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About the Series:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Smashwords

About the Authors:

Danny McAleese started writing fantasy fiction during the golden age of Dungeons & Dragons, way back in the heady, adventure-filled days of the 1980’s. His short stories, The Exit, and Momentum, made him the Grand Prize winner of Blizzard Entertainment’s 2011 Global Fiction Writing contest.

He currently lives in NY, along with his wife, four children, three dogs, and a whole lot of chaos.

Website | Goodreads | Amazon | Smashwords

David Kristoph lives in Virginia with his wonderful wife and two not-quite German Shepherds. He’s a fantastic reader, great videogamer, good chess player, average cyclist, and mediocre runner. He’s also a member of the Planetary Society, patron of StarTalk Radio, amateur astronomer and general space enthusiast. He writes mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Smashwords

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