Part of what I do on this blog is book reviewing. As an author, I understand the importance of reviewing in order to get a sense of how a book was received by a given audience and that it helps readers find books they might like. As a reader, reviewing is about helping fellow readers discover a book they might or might not know about and maybe get them to check out a book I’ve enjoyed (or even one I haven’t that they might like more). It’s also a way for me to formulate my thoughts on a book and increases my enjoyment overall.

While I take my reviewing seriously, I also enjoy writing them. I try to review all books that I read, as long as I can come up with enough to say in a review. What you’ll find from me are reviews of books that I’ve bought, been gifted, and/or had requests from authors/publishers to review. As I said, I (try to) review everything I read…no matter if someone asked me or not 🙂

If you’re an author or publisher who wishes to consider me for review, please read over my review policy before sending a request.

You can find all of my reviews right HERE

I also post these reviews on my:

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