Awake, Inside You (erotic flash fiction)

Originally posted on Nikki Haze’s blog

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Awake, Inside You

The fog of sleep slowly dissipates, and my eyes try to open. They’re heavy with the remnants of sleep and a night well spent; talking and fondling you’re every inch, late into the night.

My skin responds fast, regaining consciousness first. I can feel the warmth of your bare back against my hard chest. The soft, smooth skin of your hips, your ass pressed tight against my growing arousal. It gets harder, pressing itself further toward your opening, still dripping from last night’s fun. I slip in with ease. My hands move to explore your breasts, full of beauty in size and shape, in their response. Their tips harden at my light touch, as I harden at the tight grip of between your legs. We both respond to me filling you whole, to the feeling of my hands slowly waking your body, waking your senses to a new day.

I slowly, lightly, trail my hand down the center of your chest, down your flat stomach, through the small bit if curls you leave, just for me, above your sweet-tasting lips. I find your clit and begin a slow circular rub that causes a light moan to escape your throat. I push myself deeper inside you with each response to my work. You’re moaning and the motion of my hips, rocking back and forth, finds a rhythm.

I move the hair off the nape of your neck and kiss my way to your ear, teasing your earlobe like the clit between my fingers. I grab a handful of hair and pull back, exposing your neck more, arching your back against me.

I find the small, discreet vibe we leave under your pillow. It still smells of your dripping pussy from last night—a mixture of you and me, unrelenting carnal pleasure on these sheets, against that wall, on the floor. I place it down against your clit, replacing my hand. I press my body hard into your back, my entire length deep inside you. Pushing you. Stretching you. I lift you slightly, with the toy still in place and a hand enveloping your breasts. I place you on your stomach and begin you pound away inside you.

You’re fully awake, yet still with eyes closed. You moans have gotten louder. They’ve quickened. I can feel your muscles pulsing around my cock. I feel your legs squeezing tighter as I thrust in each time. Screams fill the air from voices that sound both distant and so close at the same time.

Our bodies shutter together in a synchronized dance in the now soaked sheets. Sweat, mixes with your wetness, and my cum. The room is filled with the sent of sex, passion, lust.

I roll us back on our sides, slowly losing rigidness inside you, but still filling you. I toss your toy away and replace my hand over your over-stimulated clit. My other arm draped across your chest. I hold you tight, and we drift back to sleep.