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This series can get very interesting at times. It can also be a great resource for finding authors to check out. Authors We Love started out as Authors I Love, a series in which I told my readers about an author that I enjoyed for various reasons. I then expanded it from “I” to “We” because I think it’s best to get the input and variety from other readers. A variety that I can’t give my readers all by myself.

If you’d like to do an Authors We Love post, I’d be happy to include you in the series! Just message me through the contact page, and we can get things rolling. It’s simple enough to do one. Just keep in mind, these posts should be more about the author and his/her writing, than about one specific book. It’s almost a review/adoration of the author, like a book review is to a book.

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Part I – Nick Hornby

Part II – My Guilty Pleasure Author

Part III – Who Others Love

Part IV – Who Others Love II

Part VI – Who Cinta Loves

Part V – Who Jessica Loves

Part VII – Ernest Hemingway

Part VIII – Rob Kristoffersen on Dean Bakopoulos

CALLING ALL READERS: An Authors I Love Update

Part IX – …And Another Thing

Part X – The Queen of the Zombies and More

Part XI – Suzanne Lilly on Harlan Coben

Part XII – Author I Love…Sorta

Part XIV – Cassidy Kingston and…The History Channel?

Part XVI – Indie Edition (part of Indie Week)

(Part I), with Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

(Part II), with HilyBee

(Part III)

Part XVII – Miranda Stork & A Great Classic

Part XVIII – Cassidy Kingston on James Rollins

Part XIX – Miranda Stork and a Great Crime…Writer

Part XX – Even a New Author Can be Loved

Part XXI – Hooked on Tess, with Cinta Garcia

Part XXII – Karli Rush and The King

Part XXIII – A Dynamic Duo (Breaking the “Rules”)

Part XXIV – Amber Norrgard and a Long Time Love

Part XXV – The Lizard King

Part XXVI – Of Grapes and Mice

Part XXVII – Jeffrey Bolden on Donald Goine

Part XXVIII – Hilybee, Ken McClure, & a Giveaway

Part XXIX – The Reason I Love Indies…S.M. Boyce

Part XXX – Jeffrey Bolden on Kevin “Kevo” Agregbe

Part XXXI – Fred LeBaron Talks About Molly Ringle

Part XXXII – Brittni on M. Leighton

Part XXXIII – Short, Sweet, and to the Point

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