Untitled (erotic poem)

Originally posted on Nikki Haze’s blog

Sorry for the awkward look of this one. Formatting poems in HTML can be a hassle when I need to indent lines.

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Hunger and frustration fill the room,

as she enters through the door.

He’s been awaiting her arrival

all day. His temper rising, along

with a passion to attack. To kill.

She eyes him, slowly, with

similar intent. Advancing

toward the room’s center—

she hesitates,

he pounces.


She slams into the wall, arms

pinned overhead. One hand peels

her shirt up, wrapping her wrists.

She’s not allowed to interrupt.


Taking a mouthful of her neck

in his teeth, she screams.

Her voice, that of an Amazon.

A warrior helpless to his actions.

Her body exposed to he is every desire.


Upon his advances to her sweetest skin,

her hands are left to roam freely.

Her breasts are caressed as he divides her lips.

He takes to her with no a bite, it’s a kiss,

a caress of lips to clit.

Rapid movements of the tongue:

in, then out,

then in again.


Wanting more, she grabs his head,

a hand in hair, forcing him between

her breasts. Thrusting her hips

against his, showing her want.

He obeys the command, matching her thrust…


He slips in,

she cries out.

He’s welcomed inside

with a bloody embrace.

Her nails tearing at his skin

like the animal she is.


As her legs start to grab hold,

he throws her to the floor.

Her unrelenting passion

drags him down


They wrestle for control,

fucking and loving.

He pins her,

his shaft throbs between their thighs.


Dismounting, she goes down,

Kissing and sucking away.

Hands working as

her tongue tastes

the entirety of his sack.


Grabbing her head, she’s flipped over.

He forces his way into her

faster, harder than before,

A biting of flesh and

her climactic cry of surrender.


She gives in to the pleasure,

but not before his

passion peaks along her

trembling body


The struggle for power

ends with him deep inside

and a kiss.