Slide Show (erotic flash fiction)

Originally posted on Nikki Haze’s blog

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I sit down on the couch, flipping up the screen of my laptop. My inbox was left open and show I have a new message. It’s from her.

When I open it, my screen is flooded with images of her, of her and me during past encounters. I grow hard at first glance.

Without hesitation, I slide my jeans to the floor and lift my shirt over my head, tossing it across the room. I lean back, into the couch, lifting my legs onto the coffee table, straddling the laptop. My cock thick in my hand.

On the screen, I can see her breasts. Her nipples are red and swollen after I sucked on them, tweaking them between my lips. The next picture is her pussy, drenched in expectation of my entry. My cock throbs in my hand. My grip tightens. I click the button for a slideshow and lay further into the cushions.

My fingers rub her clit. She’s holding a mini-vibrator against the rim of her ass, fingers deep in her pussy. Her first orgasm shooting out at the camera. My cock, jerking above her soaked folds.

I rub pre-cum around my head’s surface, enhancing the pleasure of my sensitive tip. My eyes drift in and out of focus. My mind wanders. The last time she was here, she squirted all over my cock, soaking me, invigorating me.

I want more and I bend her over the edge of the couch. She lifts her ass in the air, displaying it for me. I rub more and more of her cum along my shaft with each stroke. Kneeling behind her, I make her spread her legs, opening her ass. Her holes filling my tunnel vision. My grip tightens more. Each stroke faster, stronger.

I’m only inches from her skin. I can feel the heat radiating off of it. I’m brought to the edge. My pleasure peaking.

I begin to shoot my load, and slip my cock just inside the rim of her ass. Letting the cum spurt out of her as I pull back out, watching it drip down to her lips. I continue releasing my load until I’m spent.

I open my eyes, feeling blissfully relaxed, drenched in my own seed. Glancing at the screen in front of me, I see the last image on the slideshow.