Closing Time (erotic flash fiction)

Originally posted on Nikki Haze’s blog

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Closing Time

“Mind if I have a seat?”


I’ll take that as a yes,” the man said with a laugh. “I’ll have what she’s having, or should I say what she had?”

She downed the last of the amber liquid from her glass and slumped over the bar counter.

“I’m Ted. And you are..?”

Her face rested in the crook of her elbow, muffling whatever she was muttering about. If she was playing hard-to-get, he could get used to hard-to-get.

“What’s her problem?” Ted asked the bartender as he was handed his whiskey.

“Oh, her?” He shrugged, “That’s Laura. She’s probably pissed that I didn’t wanna eat her out tonight.”

Ted shook his head at the joke. “Thanks for the laugh.”

“She’s a regular here, one of those lawyer types always demanding shit,” he turned to walk to the other end of the bar. “Can’t stand her sometimes, but what a body.”

Ted took a sip of his drink and grimaced. The bottom-shelf whiskey definitely wasn’t what a lawyer would’ve ordered.

The bartender glanced behind him as he took the orders of the only other late night patrons remaining in the small bar. A smirk was on his face.

“He’s a prick, isn’t he?”

His head snapped in the direction of the woman seated next to him.

“What?” He wasn’t sure if he’d heard Laura speak or not.

“My boyfriend, he’s a prick,” she raised her head up to see her new companion better. “The bartender, Jim. He’s my boyfriend.”

“Oh…” Ted sighed and turned to leave. “Sorry to bother you.”

“Where are you going? You wanted to give me the best night of my life or some crap, right?”

“Wha…?” His confidence vanished as he turned around to face the woman again. “I…uh…not, I was…”

She reached down, grabbing the crotch of his pants, pulling him closer. Ted couldn’t help but grow hard in her grip.

“I. Want. You. To. Fuck. Me,” she commanded, staring straight at him, expression unwavering.

“I was just…”

“Shut your mouth or put it to good use,” she cut him off. “You’re going to fuck me and you’re going to enjoy it.”

Because the bar was almost empty, her last statement carried far, all other conversation to halt. All attention was on Laura and Ted. Even Jim couldn’t look away.

She felt their stares and grew more aroused. With the expert skills, she unzipped Ted’s pants with one hand, pulling out his fully erect cock. The tip was already wet from her touch alone.

She turned her back to him, leaning over her stool. Then she pulled Ted closer, using his shaft as a leash. With her other hand she lifted her tight black skirt to reveal a purple lace thong that did nothing to cover her firm ass.

“You know, I wore this for Jim today. He goes crazy when I wear this thong. Oh well, he refused my offer earlier. Something about ‘I can’t fuck on the clock.’ Bullshit, I say. Now it’s all for you. Fuck me.”

Ted needed no more convincing. He pushed her legs open wider and knelt down to taste her wet lips.

“God, you soaked through this thing already,” he started to lower the thin band of her thong.

“No. That stays on tonight. Don’t you like purple?”

“On you, Laura, I love it. I love all of it.”

Ted abandoned the thought of having an appetizer and instead went for the main course. Resuming his standing position behind Laura, he moved her thong to the side and guided the tip of his shaft up to her slit.

“Oh fuck,” he couldn’t hide the surprise as he slipped in with hardly any effort. He could feel her muscles squeezing around him.

“Tight enough for you? Quit stalling. I need you to make me cum.”


She was enjoying the feel of Ted’s cock inside her. He was really pounding away in there with long, forceful strokes. Each time they came together, his balls slapped perfectly against her clit. There wasn’t much for her to do but bend over and take it from him, just like she liked it.

Laura’d positioned herself to give Jim the perfect view of her full breasts as she worked them out of her blouse. It aroused her even more seeing him fidget awkwardly with some glasses he was washing. The other customers were also looking uncomfortable, but in a different way.

“I can’t take this anymore. Hey buddy! Yo, barkeep? They’re actually fucking over there,” one of the men in the remaining group of patrons, piped up. “What the fuck, man? Let’s get out of here. This place is fucked up.”

Jim didn’t acknowledge the guy. All he did was stare straight at Laura, her eyes staring right back at him. His hand made its way over the bulge in his jeans. He couldn’t resist any longer.

As he unzipped his fly a face leaned over the counter, “Mmm, would you like some help with that?”

It was one of the women from the group. She was already hopping over the counter before he could even break from his trance.

“Kim, what the hell are you doing?” Her group called from the door, “You’re gonna come or not?”

“Get the fuck outta here Benny, I’ll meet up with you tomorrow,” she yelled back. The in a low raspy tone to Jim, she continued, “I have better things to do than deal with him. I’m going to give you the best head of your life.”

“I doubt that honey,” Laura called from her end of the bar. “But how about you bring that hot cock over here and prove me wrong.”

Ted was still going strong inside her, grunting with each thrust. Despite how absurd it might have been, Laura thought she felt him get even harder inside her tight opening. She was definitely a good choice for tonight, that’s for sure.

“Jim, lay down in front of me while she sucks you off. And girl, make sure Ted here can see that beautiful body you have.”

Kim got up on top of the bar leaning her head down over Jim’s dick, while she lifted her ass in the air, displaying it for Laura and Ted to admire.

“She does have a great ass, Laura, but it doesn’t look nearly as good as the view I have from back here.”

“Ted, quick sweet-talking me. I know my ass is killer.” Laura’s serious demeanor almost cracked, but she quickly recovered,” If it’s so great, why aren’t you fucking me in the ass?”

Ted glanced up at Jim, who was enjoying Kim’s full lips kissing his balls while his entire cock was deep in her throat.

“You heard the woman, man. Fuck her in the ass. She loves it.”

He needed no more encouragement. Laura gasped as he pulled out of her fast and shoved it deep in her ass on the next thrust. She welcomed the sharp pain of the initial entry, but soon felt the pleasure as they regained their rhythm.

“You’re lucky your cunt’s dripping so much,” Ted laughed. “That would have hurt both of us if you didn’t soak this dick like that.

Kim was really going all out on the bar. There was hardly a glimpse of Jim’s shaft between her deep-throating and working her hands up and down bringing out his veins even more. Laura was in the zone now as well. With Ted balls-deep in her ass, her orgasm was nearing.

“Honey,” Laura called to Jim. “I’m going to cum. Ted here really knows how to work me. I think we should give him a treat.”

Jim’s hips were lifting from the surface of the bar, pushing deeper into Kim’s mouth causing her to tear up from the fullness inside her. Low moans were coming up his throat matching those Ted was trying to contain.

“Jim, cum all over my face. Now.”

He sat up into a sitting position on the edge of the counter. With the tip of his manhood a mere inch from Laura’s face, he unloaded all over her. As his cum coated her eyelids, cheeks, her lips, she let out a cry of pleasure. Her orgasm ripped through her almost painfully.

“FUCK!” Laura screamed as her body shuttered, her ass holding into Ted for dear life. “Holy fuck, Jim.”

“So he’s a keeper?

All she could do was nod in agreement, out of breathe and shaking from an overload of pleasure.

Ted was still sliding in and out of her ass, but much slower. He wanted to cum so badly after what those two just did. Maybe it showed on his face, because Jim gestured over to Kim.

“Kim, hand me that rag and make sure Ted gets off. I think he deserves to fill your ass up.”

Getting off the bar and walking over to Ted, she tossed the rag at Jim. “You got it boss.”

With a smirk, she pushed Ted into a nearby chair and continued to remove her tight pants revealing nothing underneath.

After Jim cleaned off Laura’s face and grabbed his pants, they walked hand-in-hand toward the back of the room. As they ascended the stairs to their apartment, they heard Ted groan with an almost primal rage.

Before opening their door, Jim called down, “Kim, remember to lock up when you’re done with him.”

They both laughed as they entered the apartment.

Once the door was locked, Laura turned to look Jim in the eyes, only inches from his face.

“So I didn’t wear this thong for nothing after all, did I?”

“It definitely did its job,” Jim said in reply. “By the way I’m off the clock now. I hope you’re ready for me to eat that pussy now.”