The First Step (erotic flash fiction)

Originally posted on Nikki Haze’s blog

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The First Step

I’d never done it before, but it came so naturally once I started. I had to go through with it after that.


I have a few friend who’ve been with men. They’ve tried convincing me in the past that no woman could give a blow job as well as a man. They insisted.

Perhaps it was the copious amounts of whiskey I was drinking or the thrill of a challenge. Either way, when my friend Jim pointed out an attractive man on the corner of the bar, I just got up, walked over to him, and took his hand.


I led him into my apartment, down the street. When we entered my place, my confidence began to fade, but luckily this man sensed it and took control.

He pushed me down onto the nearby couch. Kneeling before me he undid my belt, lowered my zipper, and slid my pants down to my ankles.

I didn’t fight it. I wanted this. I asked for this.

He took my cock in his hand. His grip was firm but tender. It was the perfect balance, unlike the awkward tugging a woman might give. He knew what felt good and he knew how to give it. Lowering his mouth around my tip, he sucked lightly until I was hard.

It was as if this were my first blow job. It felt euphoric. I leaned back into the couch, reveling in his warm mouth devouring my shaft. He reached up under my shirt, finding one of my nipples with a light touch. I let out a moan. No woman had thought to try this on me.

His other hand went from working on my ball to rubbing the crack of my ass. I couldn’t believe I was letting him do this. It felt strange, but I wanted more. His didn’t enter me, but with a mischievous look in his eyes he applied a slight pressure to my opening. At the same time he sucked my length balls-deep, causing m to explode down his throat.

After he sucked me dry, he abruptly stood and left the apartment. Not a word was said.


As I lay in my drunken, post-orgasmic daze, I could only wonder what else could being with a man bring out in me.