Review: The Allegory Of Dusk By Amber Jerome-Norrgard

Title: The Allegory of Dusk
Author: Amber Jerome-Norrgard
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Life most definitely is not fair, and at times, it is harsh. 

What happens when the worst occurs in our life— when there’s no guarantee of redemption or of hope? When there is no ending in sight to what we go through when the bottom has dropped out? When everything we’ve hoped for, everything we have planned for has been ripped away painfully?

“The Allegory of Dusk” is an examination of the reality of life at its most painful and damaged.”


*This review is for an ARC of The Allegory of Dusk

Reading this collection of stories by Amber Jerome-Norrgard was a must for me. Previous to this I had only read her erotic short stories (all of which I enjoyed) and bits of her two poetry collections. But how could this author hold up to writing a collection of literary fiction compared to what I was used to her doing?

The answer to that is: yes! It’s short. It’s hard-hitting. And while it wasn’t the happiest material to read (and I’m sure not the happiest to write about) it was a welcomed collection of stories to my library. The subjects brought up in The Allegory of Dusk deal largely with troubled relationships, from brand new to breaking or already passed fixing. There are also many other real life, yet unpleasant, situations,as well.

Stories like  The Loss of Beautiful Naivety and Empty & Shattered really hit hard. What these two stories have in common can spring up in anyone’s life. I’d rather not get into specifics for fear of spoilers of any kind, but let me just say that sometimes life is tough. As the author states in the introduction the book “focuses on what happens when the worst occurs in our life.” No one’s immune to hardship and heart-break. And the reality these stories bring to light aren’t only in the fictional world. This is real life being lived out by fictional characters. I’m not saying they specifically were real people, but they could be you or me, or a neighbor or relative. I think that’s made this collection so haunting and beautiful at the same time.

Norrgard doesn’t hold back. She doesn’t shield her readers from the ugly aspects of life. There’s no sugar-coating. But I think after reading The Allegory of Dusk I have a better appreciation for my life and my relationships with others.


The Allegory of Dusk is set to release later this week. Be sure to look for it on Amber’s Amazon page in a few days. And you can find her other work there as well. The link for that can be found below.


About Amber:

Amber Jerome~Norrgard was first published in her hometown’s paper at the age of seventeen.  Since then, she’s used writing as a free form of therapy to celebrate the best parts of her life, and to work through the rough experiences. She is author of the bestselling collection of poetry, “The Color of Dawn,” as well as “4 a.m.,” a poetry and essay collection, “Wanting,” a collection of short erotic stories and “My Beautiful Jewel: Book One of the Miracles Trilogy”.  She is co-creator, and co-host of “TweepNation with Amber and Dionne,” a weekly podcast loosely related to Twitter and Independent Authors.  She is currently working on her psychology degree, and lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

Find more on Norrgard or find her books:

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