#Review: Life After – Episode 1, by @JJHoldenWrites

LA- Ep 1Title: Life After – Episode 1 (of 20)
Author: JJ Holden
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Note: This is the first episode of Life After.

The ultimate fight against an American dictatorship is about to begin…

Following a civil war that left the United States in ruins, the remaining few who managed to escape the Imperialistic Army and the horrors of their death camps must unite and fight to reclaim their country.” (description from Goodreads)


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I’m not a reader who always jumps at the idea of a serial novel, but at times I do. Life After sounded like a good concept that could work for the serial form, so I took a chance with the first episode.

For being about 7k words long, I feel that the author was able to establish just enough of the world and a few characters to keep me intrigued to keep going in the novel. So far it doesn’t sound like there’s much to call unique about the story compared to many of the dystopic, near future in America stories/novels out there, but I don’t have much to base a solid opinion on yet. It seems like a good start, and has the potential to expand into a great novel.

I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on episode two (or debate on getting one of the many bundles available) and see where this story goes.

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About the Author:

J.J Holden lives in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. He spends his days studying the past, enjoying the present, and pondering the future.

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#Review: Desire, by Marina Anderson

Title: Desire (The Dining Club #1)
Author: Marina Anderson
Rating: 4/5 stars

“For fans of New York Times bestselling authors E. L. James, Sylvia Day, and J. Kenner comes the first part of international bestselling author Marina Anderson’s erotic series The Dining Club.

Part One: Desire

Young, ambitious theatre director Grace has no time for distractions, but she just cannot resist enigmatic city financier, David. Alluring, charismatic and an incredible lover – David never lets Grace get too close. So when he invites her to a weekend at his private club, Grace is thrilled.

Arriving at the secluded location, and excited by her nerves, David reveals the truth behind the Dining Club: a place where guests are taught to open their minds, and their bodies to erotic challenges. If she passes the tests, she is promised ecstasy beyond her wildest fantasies. If she fails, she’s forbidden to ever set foot in the exclusive club again. But even as David’s seductive commands make Grace feel more daring than ever before, she begins to fear for their future. What if she fails one of the Club’s tantalizing trials? Will David still want her or will she lose him forever?

(10,000 words)” (description from Goodreads)

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Being that the description of this book makes reference to authors like E.L. James and Sylvia Day, I almost didn’t want to touch this one. There aren’t many things that’ll turn me off from a book as much as taking two “huge” names in a given genre, and throwing it as an attention grabber in a description. Despite this, I was intrigued by the part of the description that was actually about the book, and I’m glad I did.

From reading enough excerpts of Fifty Shades, I’m confident in saying that this book is not comparable to that series. Anderson has a very well written and well thought out story to it. There’s not much to this part of the full story, but the author was able to get a good start to the development of the characters and what the overall story will be.

The main female character, Grace, is set up nicely and I liked that she’s a strong woman, but has a softer side that plays well with the male lead, David. I have a feeling that as I read more parts of The Dining Club series that these characters will only become more complex, as will the story.

My only real complaint about this is simple: It’s part one of (so far I can see) eight. It’s not a story one or book one. It’s just part one, and it ends with you wanting more. This isn’t normally an issue for me, as for the most part this does wrap up the conflict of this section, but it also cuts off at a point just before more action will start. I’ll probably be reading part two in the next day or so because of the urge to keep going, but I have a feeling that I’d rather have had this as one complete collection instead of as a serial novel.

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About the Author:

Marina Anderson is the pseudonym of British author Margaret Bingley, whose novels have been published all over the world. Margaret uses this pseudonym for her series of erotica novels. She also publishes erotica for women under the pseudonym Fredrica Alleyn.

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