#PoetryMonth – Free and Cheap Poetry

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Poetry Month ends today, right? Yes, it does. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end before the month does!

As a bonus post, I want to give you another opportunity to fill up your ereaders will poetry…and for very little money! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’m not going to let this message get too long and in the way of the list of books. I’m just here to provide links to FREE and CHEAP (under $5) ebooks of poetry you may like. I’ve read some of them. I own some others. And if you look closely, you can get ALL of my poetry for free. Those coupons last until tomorrow, though, so HURRY! DON’T MISS OUT! From Where I Stand has been free all month, so I’m sure you’ve grabbed a copy already.

And if any poets out there would like to promote a free/cheap collection to go along with this post, let me know. I’ll add it. But today only, so there’s not really much time. I hope you let me know though, or just for the future. I can do a promo if you’d like.

Now, without further distraction, here are the book!

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#PoetryMonth – This is the End…

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This is the end…or is it? Is that just me quoting one of my favorite poets in the music industry, Jim Morrison? Well, both, I think. It is the end. It is the end of April and with that National Poetry Month.

But what does this mean? Do we go back to our regularly scheduled lives and read fiction until April comes around again? Do we forget about all the poetry surrounding us in our every day lives? I hope not.

I had a few hopes for the outcome of this year’s Poetry Month celebration. One hope was that I’d be able to have at least one post for each of the 30 days in April. Another, to build off that, was for more people to come to the blog and discover some new poetry. And ultimately, I hope those who stopped by will keep discovering poetry, reading poetry, and stepping out of their comfort zone if they’re still not sure about letting poetry in to their lives.

Were my hopes realized? Well, today’s post is number 30. I need to thank all my guests for that accomplishment. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with enough content to fill 30 days without all of you. I also have to acknowledge that my daily view count has gone up. This month I’m averaging about 20 views a day. Ok, all you seasoned bloggers out there, I know that’s barely a blip on the “great stats” radar. But this is what blogging seems to have come to. At least on A Life Among the Pages. These are great numbers for me in the last year. The only thing lacking, still, is interaction. There’s been only a handful of comments for all 30 posts. I get some interaction through RTs in Twitter and sharing on Facebook. I’d just like to make sure my readers are enjoying what they read. So maybe consider interacting in the future? I know I’m kind of bad at it myself. Let’s all improve.

As for people reading more poetry and discovering poets, etc. I do think this has happened. Even I discovered new poets this month. Some are poets featured on the blog. Some I found in other places. This is something I’ll keep doing. It’s a thrill to discover new writers.

On a more personal level, I think I’ve finally figured out that I can, and should continue, read an entire poetry collection in a short period of time. It used to take me months because I’d skip around collections finding gems here and there. Doing that, I wouldn’t finish nor appreciate collections as much. I’m glad that’s changed.

So, what now? The month is over. What shall we do now? I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to read some of the collections I’ve borrowed from the library. Read more that I have on hold. And I’m going to keep reading poetry until I can’t any longer. I’m really enjoying this reading mood I’m in, even if it means I’ve barely read novels this year.

Before I leave you to go on your merry way, I have a question. Maybe a few. Did you enjoy Poetry Month? Would you like to see it again in 2017? If so, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve upon it. Also, if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the blog in general, let me know. I hope you’ll continue coming to the blog, even if I’m not posting daily.

Thanks again to all the poets, readers, and everyone else who made this NPM a great month!

#PoetryMonth – Story Time Friday with Walt Whitman

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I’ve asked my friend Walt Whitman onto the blog today to help finish off Poetry Month.

…ok, I’m not friends with Whitman. And no, I didn’t ask him to be on the blog. But maybe he would like to be on the blog if he were still alive today. Who knows. Either way, this is the last Story Time Friday for the 2016 National Poetry Month celebration here on A Life Among the Pages. I wanted to wind things down with a poem I’ve been holding onto since March when I read it at our open mic night here in Colorado. I debated starting the month off with the poem instead, but it felt better to hold off. It’s a good send-off poem and hopefully inspiration for people who’ve newly discovered the craft to work at it and come back for 2017’s Poetry Month.

There’s a lot to take in from this poem, as with all of Whitman’s work. I hope you read it over a few times, at the very least. If you’d like to start a discussion in the comments about it, that’d be great too. It’s fun to talk about Whitman.

And if this wasn’t enough of “the father of modern poetry” (as some call him) for you, you’ll find a link below to download his entire collection, Leaves of Grass, from Project Gutenberg. It’s along read, but it’s worth it, even if only in small chunks here and there.

Thanks for sticking with me for 29 days so far! It’s been a long but rewarding journey. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow, too. It’s the last day of Poetry Month and you don’t want to miss it!
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Poets to Come

by Walt Whitman

Poets to come! orators, singers, musicians to come!
Not to-day is to justify me, and answer what I am for;
But you, a new brood, native, athletic, continental, greater than before known,
Arouse! Arouse—for you must justify me—you must answer.

I myself but write one or two indicative words for the future,
I but advance a moment, only to wheel and hurry back in the darkness.

I am a man who, sauntering along, without fully stopping, turns a casual look upon you, and then averts his face,
Leaving it to you to prove and define it,
Expecting the main things from you.

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Download Leaves of Grass from Project Gutenberg

#PoetryMonth – @Tashtoo shares a new poem

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Do you want more poetry to read? I’m guessing the answer is a big YES. You did click on a Poetry Month link after all. And that’s what you’re getting on today’s post: a brand new poem from Natasha Head!

I’ve known Natasha for a few years now and like what I’m trying to do with Poetry Month, she does 24/7. This event is to help spread poetry to as many people as I can. And there’s a hope that it’ll keep spreading and people will keep reading. Well, Natasha Head is a huge advocate for getting poetry into everyone’s life. You’ll see poetry all over her social media and for me it’s often a daily reminder to take a minute out of the day to read something new, something to reach inside the reader and touch them, something that’ll have a lasting effect.

This poem, Tapestry, is only a glimpse at Natasha’s talent and passion for the poetic form. I hope after reading this piece you’ll go on to explore more of her words. Remember, like one of Natasha’s more used hastags says, Read More Poetry!

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by Natasha Head

We exist as threads
Intricately woven
Between the then and now

Memories like silk
Through the eye of the needle
Embroidered emotions

Braided as bandage
Quilting our scars
Stitched together

Through that which connects us
A web of emotion
Colourful commonalities

Joy, pain
Love, loss
Lust, envy

It is in our most tender moments
Our most intimate whispers
Our most frightening desires

Where we find the courage
To adorn ourselves
In the lives we have created

Where our mistakes are made art
Our regrets turn to poetry
And our shame is silenced

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If you’d like to read more of Natasha’s poetry, she has a few collections out.

Nothing Left To Lose

Amazon | B&N

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Amazon | B&N

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Birthing Inadequacy

Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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About the Author:

Natasha Head grew up in Hants County, Nova Scotia, spending most of her youth penning odes to the beautiful countryside and the trouble that can so easily be found when you’re too young to appreciate the simple things.

Natasha is author of three collections of poetry. The 2012 Pushcart Prize nominated “Nothing Left to Lose” and the narrative fictional collection, “Pulse, both published by Winter Goose Publishing. Her most recent collection “Birthing Inadequacy” is now available for purchase.  Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies, including “In the Presence of Poets”, “Inspiration Speaks” and “Signals From Static”. Visit the “News” tab as recent publications are posted here.

After a stint in Northern Alberta, Natasha now finds herself writing along the shores of Lake Timiskaming in the beautiful province of Ontario.

Find out more:

#PoetryMonth – Story Time Friday with Brittany Rose

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Another Friday, another Story Time…Friday.

Today’s post is one I’ve been anxiously waiting to get out to everyone. Today’s poet is Brittany Rose. You might recall her name from when back in December when I talked about Down Valley Voices, our local “poetry community”. She’s another East Coast poet, transplanted into Western Colorado. She moved out here almost at the same time I did.

The similarities end there. Her poetry is much more betterer than mine. Ok, maybe that’s not true. We write with such different styles that it can’t be compared, but it’s that difference that’s inspiring and helpful to this little group of writers we’re building. Diversity in style gets us out of our comfort zones. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a collaboration in the future. See what our styles can do together.

Enough about me teasing about possible ideas floating around  in the air. I really want to get Brittany’s name out to my readers because I know many of you are going to enjoy her work. In today’s post you’ll find three poems. You’ll also notice that the first one, Pushing Paper, has an accompanying video. This was recorded during one of the first open mic nights we did here in Colorado at Olive Ridley’s (the local coffee shop that you need to check out if you’re ever in Rifle. It’s great. They have coffee…and beer. Need I saw more?) I’ve included this video because with Brittany’s work, hearing it adds so much to it that paper can’t capture. It kicked an already great poem up a notch more.

So, please check out the text. Check out the video (and the rest on that channel). Then maybe you’ll head over to her site to read even more work. Then, if you’re still craving more, I’m trying to persuade Ms. Rose to come back in the coming weeks for another Poetry Month post. If you want to see her more often, let her know in the comments!
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Pushing Paper

I want you to read it.
No. Really read it.
And tell me what you think.

I want you to think about it.
No. Really think about it.
And tell me how you feel.

I want you to feel it.
No. Really feel it –
and tell me what it needs.

I need you to go there.
No. Really go there.
And tell me if you care.

I know I’d care, care if you got it.
Maybe, really got it.
Then, teach me how to mind read?

Because I wouldn’t mind,
mind if you read into it.
Yes, really read into it.
As long as it meant something
in the end.

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Indulge the Virgin Synapses

I don’t appreciate your suspicious superstitions
No – not against my belief systems

The wise ask questions
But you’re yelling demands
And I’m not suppose to listen
I’m suppose to follow on command

I think it’s time we take the protests off the streets
Incorporate them into our LIVES
Into sets of steady beats

“Stand up for what you believe in”
Does not just mean participate
Does not just mean stand there
Standing, to me, is a waste of time
That’s why I’m running
Running in my mind,
My body and soul – Moving

Pruning the brain
Re-wiring synapses so there is efficiency
In what I do and what I think
So there is synchronicity

Like two lovers in bed
Each curve complimented with something concave
Like, when he rests his whole body against my back
When his knees tuck behind mine
Synchronicity entwined

So let’s synchronize, like lovers
To our beliefs, our goals
Our hopes and our dreams

Let’s bring peaceful protesting
To peaceful lives

& for a glimpse into History
I can find us walking
Side by Side, intertwined

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A Delicate Story

Babes born with roses in their eye sockets
Blooming buds sprouting from their eye sockets
Pretty porcelain faces
Pretty lips
Pretty babies

Babies born in crystal castles
Surrounded by a rushing mote
Porcelain drawbridges keep them safe
Alligators with ruby eyes keep them sound
Scales of Amber caramelize mosquitoes
Everything now is thawing

This is Attraction. This is Danger
Like tiny babies born & bursting
Their eye sockets filled with love that
Their baby eye sockets can barely hold

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About the Author:

As an individual I seek self-awareness and a peaceful mind.
(Influences include the enlightened ones who have left knowledge and tools for our interpretations)

As a writer I like to explore the nature of those who have nurtured me, in turn exploring the nature of myself.
(Influences include my family and every other human I have come in persuadable contact with)

As a visual artist I unleash colorful expressions of abstract thinking.
(Influences include Salvador Dali and local graffiti artists)

As a member in society I believe in leading by example; as both a lover and a fighter.
(In the words of M.I.A “I really love a lot, but I fight the ones that fight me”)

Find out more:

#PoetryMonth – @thesmboyce reads A Life For Sale

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Today’s poet is S.M. Boyce. You know her as “author” S.M. Boyce, on the blog. She’s written the Grimoire Saga (which is one of my favorite series of all time) and Ari, the first in her To Each His Ghost series. There’s also a new series in the works, but you’ll have to wait until there’s more to share about that. The reason I get to call her a poet is because, aside from her novels, she published a poem last year. It came out near the end of April and you might remember me sharing it. You may even saw my review.

This year, I get to share that poem again. This year, I get to share that poem again in a more intimate way. Boyce was kind enough to let me share an audio recording she made of the poem. If you know anything about me and my views on poetry, you know that it’s not just about the words on the page, but the way a piece is read. And two people can read the work differently, even from the same text. Meaning can be altered and enhanced. Maybe you read this poem before and now, after listening, you’ll take something different away from it. I hope you do. And I encourage you to read poetry aloud, as well as silently. Experiment with it. It can be a fun exercise.

I’ll share links on where you can get the text for Boyce’s poem below the audio. She’s been generous enough to publish it for free on all the major ebook retail stores, so be sure to grab it. Maybe even leave a review once you’re done.

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A Life For Sale

by S.M. Boyce

A Life For Sale

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If you’d like to get the ebook version of this poem, you can find it on:

Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

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About the Author:

Boyce 300

When S. M. Boyce graduated with a degree in creative writing, she realized that made her well-qualified for serving French fries. It would take years of writing hundreds of thousands of words of all kinds before she became the bestselling action and adventure author she is today.

Boyce specializes in action-packed stories that weave in fantasy, mystery, and heroines with an knack for mischief. All romantic leads are based loosely on her husband, who proves that soulmates are real. She has a deep love for ghosts, magic, and spooky things. If you’ve already finished her books, check out her blog or Twitter feed for a dash of adventure.

Find out more:

#PoetryMonth – Indie Poetry Recommendations

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It’s the first Sunday of Poetry Month. I thought it might be a fun idea to keep my Sunday Themed Book Recommendations posts going. What better way than with poetry? And to make it more interesting, I’ll be recommending some of my favorite (or probably favorite, once I read them) Indie poetry collections.

Even for me, being an Indie poet, it’s not easy to find many of us around. Yes, we’re around all over the internet, yet I find it hard to find a large amount of us out there who are as easy to find, connect with, and read up on as Indie novelists. Let’s try to change that! Put pride in your work, Indie poets. Get your name out there and build your platform…and say hi to me. I’ll help promote you if/when I can.

I’d love to see some fresh names on this list next time we do Poetry Month. Let’s get more people reading Indie poetry!


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Find something you might want to read? I hope so. Want to see another set of recommendations focused on a theme? Let me know what that theme is, and if you can help with some recs for it, include them in the message.

Happy reading!