Happy #ValentinesDay! Want a #free #poem?

Four years ago today, I released my poem I WOULD. It was a Valentine’s Day poem I wrote for my then girlfriend (now fiancé), but I felt the world could benefit from reading it. So I published it and made sure it was free for anyone who wanted to read it.

I don’t have anything new for you today, but I’m sure some of you may have missed this poem over the last few years. Some of you are new readers. Some may just have not seen that I Would is out there. Today may be a good day to read the poem. Or at least grab a copy!

And if you end up enjoying it enough, I want to let you in on a secret (not so much a secret since it’s in the book’s description): I Would is a bonus poem in the latest paperback editions of From Where I Stand! So if you wanted to have this one on paper, that’s the only way to get it. And you also get my debut collection along with it. Seems like a win-win to me (the unbiased author, wink). Don’t worry, the book isn’t very expensive. It’s $5.99 for a copy. It’s pretty much the lowest I can price it and still make some royalties on it…not much, but a little bit.

Find more about the poem, and how to get it free (or in print for a small fee) below. And I hope you enjoy and please spread the word!

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I Would

I Would, is a short poem that touches on the difficulties of being in a long distance relationship. Yet, with the difficulties there are always hopes of a reunion on the horizon.

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This book is ALWAYS FREE

Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

And if you wanted to buy From Where I Stand which includes I Would in print, find it here:


(p.s. – Yes, From Where I Stand is available on Amazon, too. But if you like supporting authors, buy directly from Createspace. Royalties are a good deal more on CS than through Amazon since it’s another level of distribution on Amz. Just a heads up. No one really likes talking about that stuff, but every little bit helps us all.)

A New Chapter: Down Valley Voices

As many of you may have noticed: I don’t get much writing done lately. When’s the last time you saw a Story Time Friday post? September? Yea. It’s been awhile since I’ve had something new to share.

This may be about to change. I know I have stuff in my head to get out. I have to have something in there. I moved 2,000 miles across the country this year. I saw things. I keep seeing things. Just yesterday, a donkey (maybe a mule, I don’t know the difference at a glance) ran through the neighborhood and around a bus unloading kids. It was a strange sight, and I’ve seen some strange things before. If it would have been a deer, like I first thought at a distance, I wouldn’t have thought it too strange. But it was a donkey. How the hell does that happen? Well, maybe some poem or story will come of it. And there will be others from other things I experienced while traveling cross-country, for sure.

Another reason I feel that the writing slump may end soon is and even better life-change. I’m now in a writing group. Well, sort of. Back in October, I attended an open mic night at one of the local coffee shops. Being that I didn’t have new material to read, and no one there knew my work anyway, I brought my copy of From Where I Stand to read a few poems from. That went over well. But it also reminded me that I haven’t published a collection since Winter’s Homecoming in 2013, and Words was the last thing I published…it’s a single poem. I need to do more. I need to give you all more to read.

Well, anyway, this open mic stoked the fires of needing to write even more than I’d been letting them be persuaded. And now, I’m going to be a regular at the open mics. They’re organized by Brittany Rose, a fellow East Coast native (from Massachusetts, I’ll let that slide…GO YANKEES!). She also came up with the idea of Down Valley Voices. It’s sort of a writer’s group of whoever’s at the readings, but I feel like in time it’ll be MUCH more, and I’m looking forward to it. There are many writers in the area and in the two open mics alone, we’ve seen a nice variety of writing and reading styles. Inspiration should be aplenty. I’m hoping that DVV will grow and as we get to know each other, more than just open mics will take place. I think I need that in my writing life. Maybe some writing sessions. Sounding boards for new work. A little push here and there. AND, I’ve already started formulating a collaboration. Possibly a chapbook (or larger) with Brittany since we both crossed the country around the same time (small world!) this year. Seems like a great reason to get together for a collection of poems. I have a name for it already, but I’m keeping it to myself until writing actually begins and more discussion starts. Can’t let the ideas get out too soon. Who knows, there might be more writers coming out soon, and we could get a larger variety of migration poems. There seems to be a lot of people moving out to Colorado from all over the country.

So, that’s what’s been up with my lately. Down Valley Voices may be new, but it will be great. I can feel it. And there’ll be new work for you to read! there has to be. Get on my case if there isn’t and PLEASE, yell at me if you’re really in need of reading material. It helps to hear from my readers!

Before you go, if you’re curious about the open mics, we had the last one recorded. Brittany uploaded the videos to YouTube yesterday. You can find them all here (be sure to subscribe for future videos): DOWN VALLEY VOICES CHANNEL.

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If you don’t want to jump over just yet, here are two of the poems. One’s me reading I WOULD (which you can grab an ebook of for free by clicking the title back there <— ) and the other is my favorite from the night, CIRCLE by Brittany Rose. Oh, and you can read some of her work over on her blog, Sustainable LiteratureThere’s some great stuff over there.

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From Where I Stand Print Re-release

I’d just like to grab your attention for a few minutes today to tell you about something I was working on for the last few weeks. 

As we all know, once the leaves start to fall and the weather cools down, snow is soon on the way. With this change of seasons and weather comes the holidays…and holiday shopping. As we, the avid readers we all are, know, books are one of the best gifts to give friends and family.

Now for what I’ve been working on: You all know that From Where I Stand, my debut collection, has been out for just about two years. I decided that it needed to be polished up a bit. So now, after MANY long days of working out the kinks with formatting, From Where I Stand has been re-released in print!

What’s different than the edition you may already own? As a little bonus to spice it up a little, I’ve added my poem I Would. This poem was previously only available as an ebook. I know many of you have read it already, so you know what the “fuss” is all about.

I’m not expecting long-time fans to run out and buy a copy of the book. Many of you already own it in print, and have already read the “new” poem. It’s free online anyway. But maybe you have a reader in your life who you’d like to introduce to my work. Maybe a copy of From Where I Stand is just the way you can do that.

For those who’d like to at least check out the book, you can find all the information and links you’ll need over on the books page

From Where I Stand (200X300)HERE

Just a note for those looking to support authors, not just me but all Indies, buying print books directly from Createspace instead of Amazon gives the highest royalty to the author. More of your hard-earned money to the author, for the same price. Depending on the book this could be almost twice the royalty rate.

Just another word about the print book before I let you run off again. I’ve priced it at $5.99. I wanted to price it at the lowest I could to help everyone buying it save money. Any lower and I’d have to pay back money to print it (literally, it’d be a negative royalty). And another price detail…if you just want to read I Would and don’t want to pay for this whole collection, you can head over to its page here on the blog and find links to grab an ecopy for FREE…

I Would for FREE

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P.S. – Sunday’s my birthday. If I’m around the web at all (I might or might not be depending on the time of day) I might be doing a few giveaways on Facebook and/or Twitter. Free ebooks and all that. Keep an eye out.

#PoetryMonth: I’ve published Words

Poetry Month FB Banner

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Back in January I shared my poem Words on the blog. I originally wrote this and planned to put in a collection A Sense of Fall. I haven’t gotten much work done on the collection, but I wanted to get some “new” work out there in the world.

I put Words out as an ebook over on Smashwords, today. It’s just a single poem, nothing special, just like the freebie I Would. It should be at other stores in the coming days and I’ll link those they’re live.

For now, if you’d like to read the poem again, on your ereader this time, head on over to Smashwords and grab a copy. And please, share it around with your friends. It’s a great way to get readers into poetry for National Poetry Month, without the intimidation of a full collection to read. And as always, if you read it, and enjoyed it (or not) please consider leaving a quick review. Even on a single poem, a quick review can help out other readers.

Hope you enjoy this little treat. I’m sure I’ll have more to share soon.

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Words Cover (200x300)


Words is a short poem that’s a taste of an upcoming collection of poetry that I’m working on. The poem started out as a simple observation of the snow in moonlight, and turned into a poem with more to offer.

I’m offering it free to my readers. I’ve had it on my blog, where it’s gotten much response, and wanted to give everyone another way to access it.


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Smashwords | Wattpad


#PoetryWeek – Kickoff – poet Robert Zimmermann

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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping in for the first post many posts planned for POETRY WEEK!

As you probably know, unless you’re a new fan (hello and welcome, if you are) I’m a poet before anything else. I published my debut collection, From Where I Stand, last November. And a few months later I released a chapbook called Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems. Aside from the single poem, I Would, back in February, I haven’t really done much in the world of poetry since the first two releases. That’s about to change!

I created this event in order to showcase some great poets, and also to bring poetry into the public eye and be very upfront about it. I hope that that’s the case at least. I feel that poetry needs a little push and maybe this event is a start to that push. Aside from it being about poetry getting a little attention, it’s also a way to help push me to actually do something in the way of writing.

So what is the point of my post? I don’t know. No, no, I kind of know….

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Believe it or not, I’m in the process of writing a new collection of poetry. I even have a cover all made up and almost finalized. What’s left? Well, I actually have to write the poems for it.

But you’re all in luck!!!!! I have some poems written, and I want to give you a little taste of what the collection will have. Below you’ll find a poem that I wrote up last week and would like to include. I’ll also let you know the title (which could change at any time). I’m calling this collection A Sense of Fall. As the title suggests, fall will be a major influence and “character” in the poems. Not all the poems will deal with it, but being that I tend to find the most inspiration in this season, it only seemed right to include it a bit more. Many of the poems so far have dealt with nature and have strayed away from the feel of From Where I Stand. While that’s the case, I can’t say for sure that it won’t have a darker tone at times, but maybe you’ll actually get a cheerier read this time around. We’ll just have to see though.

Please enjoy this poem, and be on the lookout for more updates for A Sense of Fall. Also, be sure to come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after and so on…there’s more great poets and poetry to come ALL week long!

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Where I Am
(working title)

I don’t know exactly
where I am,
but I do know
where I am not.
I’m in a patch of land
surrounded by man,
yet, it’s a place
that man forgot.

There is wisdom here,
among the trees.
Knowledge and lessons
under the leaves.
Years of tales,
stories to be heard
It is in the wind
and in the song of a bird.

I came to be taught,
to experience.
I’ll listen to the
wind’s whisper,
the branches as the creak,
and the footfalls of
a young deer
passing by.

I know exactly
where I am,
and I know exactly
where I am not.
I’m home in nature.

– Robert Zimmermann

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This is the part of the post where a bio and links will go, but since all that is already on this blog, because it’s mine, how about I just share links to my FREE poem I WOULD…

Grab it. Read it. (Review it, if you must). And above all…go enjoy some poetry!

I Would

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