New Release: From This, I Bloom by @emilyjaneburton

I have a treat for you today! Emily Jane Burton, who you may remember from Poetry Month back in April, has just released her debut chapbook. It’s called From This, I Bloom and if you’re like me, you’re going to want to get your hands on a copy.

If you missed Emily during Poetry Month, you can find the poem she shared by clicking HERE. If you don’t want to click there, you’ll find the poem included in this post, as well.

Hope you consider checking more of Emily’s work out. It’s her debut, so let’s help out by spreading the word.

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Experience wrote this book. Heartache, fear, doubt, pain, loss and anxiety wrote every single line. But most importantly, love wrote these poems. From This, I Bloom is Emily Jane Burton’s experience with overcoming and learning to heal. It’s a journey where she learns to grow with life and trust herself fully. These things shape us, but we determine how we’re impacted, how we’re shaped.
*This poetry chapbook contains 21 poems*

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Here’s a sample of what you’re find inside the collection…

these things shape us

These things shape us,
and from this, I bloom,
adding life to my soul,
extending my roots.
Times of insecurity,
finding myself in discomfort,
experiences nourishing me
instead of withering me away.

Click here to listen to a recording of this poem/song

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Want the book in Print? Poetry’s always great in print. Head over to…


Want it faster? You can grab it in ebook form from:


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About the Author:

Emily Jane Burton is a poet who combines her passion for poetry and music into one. Occasionally, she writes poem-songs, poetry she sings rather than reads. These poem-songs are typically accompanied by guitar or ukulele. Emily’s goal is to always be vulnerable, honest and open with her writing. She’s inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson. She has a bachelor’s degree in English. Emily currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Find out more:

#PoetryMonth: $0.99 sale on @TheBookishPoet’s collections!

If your TBR hasn’t gotten big enough from the poetry I’ve shared so far this month, I’m about to help it expand even more!

To cut right to the point: Here are two poetry collections (one full-length, one chapbook length) from Melissa Jennings that are on sale for only $0.99 until May 1st. I grabbed them up this morning and thought you’d like to check them out as well. You can find links to each right…about…now:

Afterlife is a collection of poetry about catharsis, self-love, and self-revolution. Afterlife is a journey from the darkness to the light again, and again, and again.


Afterlife is a collection of poetry about catharsis, self-love, and self-revolution. Afterlife is a journey from the darkness to the light again, and again, and again.


About the Poet:

Melissa Jennings lives with their super cute cat Dora in the sometimes sunny but always vibrant city of Glasgow, in Scotland. Melissa is a bookworm, currently studying towards an MA in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Please use they/them/theirs in reference to the author in a review and/or comment.

They have published two poetry collections: Afterlife and Dear Judas. The author is also currently and chaotically working on their next poetry collections, The Body Remembers, Underworld, and Ethereal.

In their spare time, Melissa enjoys painting, hanging out with their little kitten Dora, crying over poetry, and attempting to lessen their TBR list on their bookshelves.

Find out more:

Story Time Friday: A poem from My Chapbook

New Year Story Time Friday Banner

Have you read my chapbook Winter’s Homecoming and other poems yet? It’s been out for a few years, so you may have gotten it already. But if you haven’t, I have a treat for you this month. It’s FREE in honor of National Poetry Month and to help spread poetry as far as I can.

I’m using this Story Time Friday to give you a sample from the book. It’s a short collection of only eight poems. So here’s an eighth of the collection to read! I hope that you enjoy this one and follow up with getting a copy of the full book. Again, it’s FREE. Kind of hard to pass up, right?

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Notes from a Guitar

by Robert Zimmermann

A single tear
descends his
skin in rivulets.

Collecting just above
the jaw line,
a tiny trickle
takes a doomed flight
toward Earth.

Fingers move slowly,

Notes from a guitar
through the hills
and valleys,

with sadness.

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You can get a FREE copy of my chapbook Winter’s Homecoming and other poems all month from:

(with coupon code: XC33X)

Or you can buy it for only $0.99 through that link or any of these store links:

Amazon | Kobo | B&N | iBooks

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How to Submit:

For those who wish to be part of Story Time Friday in the near future, you can send submissions to the email address that I formerly used for review requests (but don’t anymore since I’m retired . . . don’t try to be clever and slip one in 😛 ): Be sure to use the subject “Story Time Friday Submission” and send your piece as an attachment (.doc/.docx would be best). Any other questions, feel free to comment here or contact me through the blog’s contact form.

Hope to hear from some writers soon!

Free Chapbook for #NationalPoetryMonth

As usual, with National Poetry Month chugging along, I would like to share some of my work for free. Most of the time I make From Where I Stand the month’s freebie. But I think most people have that at this point. This time around, Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems is free if you head over to Smashwords. All month. No cost. Though, if anyone still needs From Where I Stand and can’t afford a copy right now, please let me know. I’m sure I could be persuaded to send you a coupon code for it, too.

I hope to share more deals from other poets throughout the month. So, if you’re a poet with something you’d like me to share on the blog in April, message me through the contact form. We’re here to celebrate poetry in all its forms for the next few weeks!

If you grab a copy of the book, as all authors like to say, and you’d like to leave an honest review (positive, negative, long, short, whatever) when you’re done…I’d greatly appreciate it. But no review is also perfectly fine. I don’t review most of what I read lately, to be honest. Especially poetry. I have a hard time reviewing that stuff, so I don’t expect anyone to beat themselves up trying to write reviews for it.

Ok, enough of that. You want the link to that chapbook don’t you? Here it is, and a little about it.

Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems is an eight poem chapbook by Robert Zimmermann. In this insightful new collection, Zimmermann shares his love and appreciation for the beauty of nature and the changing of seasons, as well as the endless search for happiness.

Grab your copy, in all formats, buy clicking below.


(To get this free, there’s a coupon code by the buy button on the Smashwords page. Just copy and past it into the box provided on the cart page to get it reduced to $0.00, or buy it for the $0.99 if you’d like to. And if you run into any trouble, let me know. I’ll do my best to help.)

MY NEW RELEASE: Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems

Through some delay and a good amount of hard work, I was able to finally release my newest book to the world. I’ve been wanting to give readers a small sampling of my poetry just for being as supportive as they are. And for future readers, who haven’t read my work, to get a glimpse into what they might expect for reading From Where I Stand or other future releases.

Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems might not be as hard-hitting as From Where I Stand. It also might lack the personal narrative that those poems presented so strongly. But I think you won’t be disappointed in this somewhat new direction the poems take the reader. These are poems written many years ago, but with a great overhaul. Some are only slightly updated, while others took the haiku form and expanded itself to something larger.

The way I’d really like to say thank you to everyone is by letting you know that for the month of January, this chapbook will be FREE on Smashwords (and Kobo if I finally get it to publish there…still working on that. Possibly B&N as well). After this month, I’ll bring the price up to $0.99 to match what I have it for over on Amazon. So grab it while you still can!!!


Before I share more about the book, I’d like to make mention of one thing: reviews. So far I’ve gotten a great bunch of reviews for From Where I Stand on Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords. I’d just like to thank everyone who’s left one for my début collection.

With that said, if anyone reading Winter’s Homecoming has the time, reviews on this collection are also greatly appreciated. If you post it just on your blog, or just one other channel, that’s still great! If you can get it everywhere else, that’s even better and more than expected. Just remember that reviews help some readers choose great books that they’ll enjoy. This goes for every book, not just mine.

So again, thank you to all the reviews to date, as well as all future reviews from anyone listening 😀


Winter's Homecoming Cover

Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems is an eight poem chapbook by Robert Zimmermann. In this insightful new collection, Zimmermann shares his love and appreciation for the beauty of nature and the changing of seasons, as well as the endless search for happiness.

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Amazon (remember it’s not free here)