HRM – Ring in the New Year with New Year Themed Books…wow, that’s a long post title, isn’t it?

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Holiday Romance Month is coming to a close. I was able to feature many, many more books this year than I expected and I hope you’ve been able to expand your holiday reading TBR because of it. I discovered new books as well as new authors. It’s always a fun way to end the year.

Another fun way to end the year is with books that take place at the years change over. That’s what this final HRM post is all about. It’s not as easy to track down New Year themed books, but I was able to put a little list together to rind in 2019. I hope you check some out. And don’t think that just because the holiday season is coming to a close that you can’t read a holiday themed book. Sometimes the best times to read them are when the holidays are far away. I find it true at least.

Hope you enjoyed this years Holiday Romance Month. I’ll be back with more next December. But if you ever want to share other holiday romances with me or my readers, just let me know. I’m always open for overloading my TBR!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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