HRM – Three Wishes, by @ReanaMalori

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Jordan Hunt’s need for Leticia James is coming to a boiling point. The beautiful, curvy, and oh so feisty woman grabbed his attention from the first moment he noticed her. Taking a chance, he introduced himself, not giving her a chance to walk out of his life. Two years, and a lifetime of memories later, he’s determined to make her his. Even as she continues to push him away. She doubts he’s ready to settle down with just one woman. Namely her.

Desire clawing at him to claim his woman, Jordan’s done all the right things. He’s bided his time and proven to Leticia that he’s not going anywhere. Shown her that he’d changed his ways. Still, the stubborn woman refuses to see they’re perfect for each other. Her lush curves would fit perfectly against his hard muscles. Those soft lips would kiss away the memories of anyone who came before her. If only she’d given them a chance.

When visiting her home one day, he finds a piece of paper hidden away from public view. Three words catch his eye. My Three Wishes.

Now Jordan has a mission. He’s determined to make Leticia his in every sense of the word, even if he must use a little Christmas luck to make it happen.

*BWWM Holiday Romance | Friends to Lovers | HEA*

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About the Author:

The characters I write will not be perfect. None of us are. They will make mistakes. All of the heroes will have redeeming qualities, but on the outset, you may not be their biggest fan. My heroines will be the kind of women you want to hang out with. They’re the women next door, down the street, and around the corner. They are the ladies you would want to spend time with on a Saturday night drinking a martini.

I have been an avid reader of romance novels since the age of fourteen and I know what appeals to me as a reader. My goal is, and will always be, to provide that same experience for the women and men who read my novellas and short stories.

I’m a former Marine and served for eight years, so strong military men will always be a favorite topic of mine. I will continue to write stories with military heroes’ front and center. I’m also a fan of Alpha-males and strong women who love with everything they have.

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