HRM – Starlight and Tinsel by @JudyHudsonbooks

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A year to the day after her van broke down in Fortune Bay, Star isn’t sure why she’s still here, and why she’s moving into the cabin on the lake instead of moving on to the next town. She’s never lived in one place this long before, but when Eden, her van with Adam and Eve painted on the side, her inheritance from her hippy mom, rolled to a stop in front of Blue’s workshop, she figured her mother’s hand had guided her there and decided to stick around and find out why. 

Turned out it wasn’t for Blue, he was taken, and it definitely wasn’t for the job. Slinging burgers in the café had never been on her Top 10 Careers list. So why was she here? If the universe didn’t send her a message soon, she was moving on to greener career pastures. As usual.

Harry felt like he’d been on the road forever, too. But now his only client and best buddy Marshall Mason’s career as an award-winning singer is over, due to a serious motorcycle accident, leaving Harry at a crossroads. Their plan was to launch a state-of-the-art recording studio—but now Marshall’s decided to settle down here, in the middle of nowhere—in Fortune Bay.

Harry kept the band on the road for 20 years. The life was getting old, and he was happy to settle down, but did it have to be in the forest in the Pacific Northwest? Why couldn’t it be in L.A.?

He’d never been the one in the band to get the girls, but over the years, there had been a few women in his life. Star, however, was a different kind of woman, the yin to his yang, and she just might be the one to get this bottled-up business man to slow down and smell the incense. 

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About the Author:

Judy grew up in Toronto Canada and St. Louis MO, then moved to the Pacific Northwest where she now lives on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Her romantic women’s fiction series, Fortune Bay Books, is set in the Pacific Northwest. In each book, someone at a crossroads of their life moves into a ramshackle cabin on Majestic Lake where they work through their problems with the help of friends and family, and the occasional nudge from the friendly spirit of Aunt Augusta. If a romance grows in the process, and it always does, well, so much the better.

As an landscape artist and photographer, the setting of the story is very important to Judy. “I’ve painted in the area for many years and I think it helps me make the setting real for the reader, helps draw them into the story. My characters are often artists, like Maddie, the darkroom photographer in Summer of Fortune who is at Fortune Bay for the summer to work on her first professional show, and Stephanie, the widowed matriarch of the clan who is finding a new life as a painter.”

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