#PoetryMonth: Some #PoetsofInstagram, part 1


by Dan Leicht, @deeliopunk

a poem

by Ashley, @anerdgirl


A Game With Time

by T.S. Anon, @t.s.anon

Note from R.Z – Before reading the full poem below, here’s the original post from IG. You’ll find the poem looks much different in the caption. Maybe you’d enjoy comparing the two versions and see what line breaks can do to a poem in aspects other than visually.

A Game With Time

I look up to the starry sky and ask,
“why do you play with hearts like they don’t shatter?”
Did you not notice the clock of time
when you let two soulmates pass by each other?
Or when one soul losses his footing and falls behind in the race,
while she dances in the arms of someone else?

I realize you don’t have any answers for me,
but I can’t help but howl up at the moon for those poor souls
hurting from lovers meeting at wrong times.

Was it too early in the season of time
when our eyes locked that night?
Or maybe it was too late in the life we’re living?

I can’t truthfully tell you that I sleep well at night
with these thoughts bombarding me like a pirate’s ship under siege,
for I carry other’s treasures lost at sea as well as mine.
I’ve gathered the treasures,
not from plunders but from lovers
that I’ve met when the clock ticked wrong.

I don’t know the meaning of your time,
when you bump two glasses together
long before a toast is meant to commence.

I try to ignore the shots of these thoughts
as they pierce my mind,
so I can live in peace and in the moment of your embrace,
but it’s hard when you show me that they’re right.

Don’t worry Darling,
I’m still searching for you in the maze of this clock.
I think I’m getting closer to finding you
amidst the half seasons of time.

About the Poets

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht is a writer of poetry and prose, both of which he’ll often post to his Instagram and Medium pages.

Website | Instagram

Ashley Shaw

Single mother. Avid reader. Therapeutic poet. Battling mental illness while raising an autistic son.

Instagram | Twitter | Ashley’s son’s Youtube channel

T.S. Anon

I’ve been sharing my writing on IG since September 2017 and have grown to love the supportive writer community on there. I mostly write about love, whether its the presence or absence of it. On IG, I not only show my short picture size poem but I also write an extension to it in the caption portion of each post, and I think that sets me apart from the common road of posting poetry on IG.


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