Prose Verse Babel 12 – Some Book Spine Poetry

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Part of how we can celebrate National Poetry Month is by “writing” book spine poetry. Here on A Life Among the Pages I have a series called Prose Verse Babel. It’s dedicated to sharing book spine poems “written” by myself and other readers.

There hasn’t been a new PVB post in a long time, but today I’m trying to resurrect it. I’d love to do at least one more PVB post this month. Hopefully some of you’d like to be part of it. If so, you can find more details at the end of the post.

For now, here are a few I threw together just now!

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In the unlikely event
the husband’s
secret love walked in,
nobody’s safe!

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Woman at point zero,
cold sassy embers
under Plum Lake,
New York.

Everything is illuminated.
Paper moon, barefoot

The Ten-Year Nap.
Beautiful Ruins.

Shovel ready?
Bring up
the bodies!


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If you’d like to send in some of your own book spine poetry, you can find out how to do that on the main Prose Verse Babel page. I’m always happy to share with my readers. They love this stuff!

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