#NationalPoetryMonth has begun!

April is here again and so is National Poetry Month!

That’s right! An entire month filled with poetry. Whether you write it, read it, sing it, recite it, live it: It’ll be a great month.

If you’ve been around A Life Among the Pages for the last few years, you’ll remember that NPM means the blog will be even more focused on poetry than it normally is. Fiction and other books aren’t going to go away. There are some new releases I’d like to tell you about this month and I’m sure a few reviews will pop up here and there. But I’m going to attempt to throw poetry right in you face.

In the past I’ve taken a more organized approach to it all by recruiting other poets and poetry readers to share poetry, sales, new releases, and what poetry has meant for them. I didn’t get organized well enough to do that in advance this time around.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the fun this year, though! If you are a poet. If you read poetry. If you DON’T read poetry, but maybe want to or want to share why you don’t. I’m looking for you! Send me a message on the contact form, message me on Twitter or Facebook, or email me if we’ve worked together in the past. Let me know what you’d like to do on the blog this month (again, sorry to make this short notice).

Types of posts I’ve had in the past (past years’ posts)

  • New Release of a collection
  • Promotion of a collection (cover, description, and tell us a bit about it or other personal touch).
  • Story Time Friday post to share a poem or a few (more details here)
  • Share poetry on days other than Friday, if enough poets send stuff in.
  • A Prose Verse Babel post. That’s book spine poetry!
    • Stack books, use the titles as words for a poem. Fun and easy.
    • Can be done word for word, or just use the titles as a basis. Again, FUN, and easy. No rules!
  • What’s your favorite poem, poet, or both?
  • Why do you love (or not love) poetry?
  • Other guest post topics focused on poetry. There are so many things to write.

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