Story Time Friday: Returns Again…It’s Been Awhile

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It’s Friday. Its’ Story Time Friday. And none of you probably remember what that is. I just looked back at the list, and I haven’t done an STF post since last April. There were a series of Poetry Month posts meant to kickstart the STF series and that didn’t work as planned.

But STF is back, at least for this week. And it will be back for weeks to come as long as I have authors and poets who’d like to be featured here. Find out how to submit work at the end of this post or click on the image above.

How better to make a come back of a series called STORY Time Friday…than with a poem? Yea, I couldn’t work both stories and poetry into the title, so instead I just tell people “poems tell stories too, jerks!” I’ve never actually had to do that, but there’s your answer if you were wondering.

I wrote this story early in the month and it’s very rough. I borrowed a thick book of poetry from the library and since I was trying to find some more positive, happy poems for an open mic that week, I ended up having this reaction to the collection. Aside from that, it’s actually a really great collection of 20th Century poetry. I’m going to have to get myself a copy some day. Or, you know, my birthday is in October. Someone could always send me a copy 😉

Here’s that collection if you’re curious about it. I was joking about the birthday present thing. The 20th Century in Poetry. There seem to be penny copies on Amazon, so the next gift card I get, this book’s mine!

And now for my poem…

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20th Century, Ugh

by Robert Zimmermann

I picked up a book
the other day.
It was full of
poetry of the 20th century.
It turns out, it wasn’t
the greatest hundred years.

What I found within
were decades upon
decades of war.
Just when I saw
a section 
with the word
I got hope.
But even in those
years, we were troubled.

Humans aren’t a peaceful
species. We’ve never
been content for long enough.
So why would it be
surprising to find the 1900s
fulfilling of our true nature?
Well, I wasn’t surprised.
I was ashamed.

As the 21st century
moves along,
keep this in mind.

Are we just doomed to
keep up this cycle?
Death, war, false senses
of an ending?

Instead, as we reach
into this new century
let’s do so with a hug
for those who need one.
With a hand, open
to help, not clenched
into a fist.
We can be happy to
make it this far,
to make a place in
the world, but to also
help out our fellow

If the darkness we’ve
kept going doesn’t stop,
why should we keep
going into the darkness?

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For those who wish to be part of Story Time Friday in the near future, you can send submissions to (normally just a review email, but also for STF submission, nothing more). Be sure to use the subject “Story Time Friday Submission” and send your piece as an attachment (.doc/.docx would be best). Any other questions, feel free to comment here or contact me through the blog’s contact form.

Hope to hear from some writers soon!

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