#Review: Erotic Writer Seeks Men, by @HeatherKinnane

erotic-writer-seeks-menTitle: Erotic Writer Seeks Men
Author: Heather Kinnane
Rating: 4/5 stars

Erotic author, Samantha Fox is one of those shy quiet types you need to look out for. Though publicly she still blushes at the faintest sexual innuendo, privately she likes to get all her darkest fantasies down on paper. She’s published one of her steamy novels, but a fear of being discovered led her to tone down the good bits, turning a hot erotic story into mediocre titillation.

Now with a sex life to match her pitiful writing, she’s come up with a grand idea of how to improve both—an ad in the local paper. “Fem. Erotic Author seeks men for experience, experimentation, and inspiration for erotic works.”

At first the whole idea seems to be a complete failure, but then she meets Richard, Jarred and Oliver. Suddenly the stories are flowing again, and Samantha’s love life is busier than it’s ever been.(description from Goodreads)

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It’s not often that a story involving a character who is an author (especially one who writes within the same genre of the story) is anything but an awkward glimpse into  the writing life. With Kinnane’s story Erotic Writer Seeks Men, she’s surprised me by writing about an author without making me roll my eyes or cringe when reading about some authory things.

That isn’t the only reason I enjoyed reading this story. The author was able to take what sounds like an interesting premise and back it up with some great scenes and a developed story. While I felt some of it was a bit rushed, and could have benefited from some expansion, overall by the end I was left wanting to read more about Samantha Fox’s story with these men and her writing.

It was a fun, quick read. It was sexy at times, but didn’t forget that it also had a story to tell. I’m glad I got to read Kinnane’s story and will be checking out more of her work in the future.

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You can grab this book from:

Amazon | Smashwords | Kobo | B&N

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About the Author:

Heather Kinnane writes in multiple genres, though it is her romantic fantasy, and erotic stories that have found publication.

While she’s been traditionally published (both A Faery Dream and A Faery Union were originally published by now defunct Australian publisher Steam eReads, and Erotic Writer Seeks Men is published by UK Publisher Luminosity Publishing), she’s now delving into the exciting and challenging world of self-publication, starting with the re-release of A Faery Dream and A Faery Union, with many other stories due for revision and publication over the coming year.

Find out more:

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