#NewRelease: Innocent Ride, by @ascrobertson



An innocent ride. That’s all it was supposed to be…

Candace Stone is a hopeless romantic waiting for her happy-ever-after. Maybe that’s why she’s still single.

Robbie Curtis has always been the guy friend that Candy looks after at work, and generally doesn’t think about.

When he takes her for a ride on his new motorcycle, she doesn’t expect it to be more than a break from their usual routine. She doesn’t expect to want to do it again.

And she certainly doesn’t expect the wave of changes that will go through her entire workplace, or the tiny bit of magic that will help them along.

Sometimes, a single ride can change everything…

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You can grab a copy of this book from


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About the Author:

Alethea Robertson has been a story-teller and writer for years, in her spare time. After spending most of those years doing what she thought she should be doing, she finally decided to follow her heart’s passion into the world of fiction. Now she’s doing exactly that. In addition to being a fiction author, she’s also a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, living in the middle of the country with her Romeo, her kids, two cats, a dog, and occasionally a few hens.

Alethea writes paranormal romance books, magical realism, fairy tale love stories, clean and wholesome romance, fantasy, and generally whatever genres love and curiosity takes her. Because love can take you anywhere…

Drop in sometime and say hi. She’d love to see you.

Find out more:

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