Best Read of 2016: Reader Edition!

2016 Best Read: From the Readers

You’ve seen two best of 2016 lists from me, already. There’s the overall best of and the best short stories I’ve read lists. Today I have something a little different.

I polled my readers. Turns out I have a total of THREE readers. Woot! Ok, ok. There are probably many more of you out there seeing this. But the following is a list filled with the top 5 books of 2016 as sent in from a total of three readers who answered my recent poll. Thank you, you three! Maybe next year I can get more input and help share even more favorite books with more people who see these posts. For now, there’s 15 books (well, a few more since a few listed full series. Even better!)

If you didn’t get a chance to add your favorites to the poll, please comment on this post with your top picks from 2016. Always feel free to share what you’re reading here.


4 responses to “Best Read of 2016: Reader Edition!

  1. I read you!! That’s four 🙂 😛 and I’m sure you have many more. I just normally don’t comment and that goes for all the blogs I follow, not just you. Meh I mean to, but generally don’t.

    I spent the majority of last year in either a pregnant or new baby haze and thus can form no coherent assessment on the books I read last year.

    Ok I’m done, I’ll go back and hide in my safe non-commenting corner.

    • If any books pop into your head, feel free to leave them here any time. 🙂

      And yea, I’m just as bad with comments. But I also don’t read as many blogs as I maybe should being a blogger myself. The whole “blogging world” just seems blah recently in terms of interaction, views, etc. Hoping even a small peak in stats will spark something for everyone in general. Just has to happen!

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