Best Read in 2016: Short Stories

2016 Best Read

The other day I posted by best read list of 2016. (Click here if you missed it.) As I mentioned in that post, I would be posting a separate list of the short stories that stuck in my reading for 2016. That’s what today’s post is all about.

I gave you all the stats last time. To repeat the short story stats, I read 113 of them and they totaled 2653 pages. And those I read in audio totaled just under 22 hours of listening.

Again, I don’t like to “rank” my favorite stories. So this is list isn’t in any order. I just plucked them off my spreadsheet and the order is whatever it is. I also want to make clear that narrowing down 113 stories isn’t easy. They’re not all 5 star reads. Some 4 stars can be better than 5 stars when you recall them. Ratings aren’t always the definitive stat to go by.

One more thing: They’re not all short stories. Oops. And not oops. Because there’s no law about the length of a short story, novella, novel, etc, some stories in this list are actually novellas. Some may be marketed as a novella but feel more like a short story. I didn’t get picky. They’re just not novels. That’s fairly easy to figure out compared to story/novella. And for those authors out there reading this, this could be a good list for you to pay attention to if you have a story in need of reviews. In 2017 I’m only accepting short story/novella requests, as my review policy says right now. Just putting that out there. And for everyone else, check some of these out. Read them. Share them with others. And share your favorite stories of 2016 in the comments. I also have a poll for favorite reads of 2016 linked below. Please participate!


The Short Fiction



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