It’s My Birthday. Here’s Your Present!

Today’s my birthday. But if you think I’m going to ask for you to get me a present, don’t. I’m here to give you all a present if you’d like one.

For the next week, you can get one or both of my poetry collections for free. You can buy one and get the other free. Buy both, get the normal freebies free. Or grab both for free along with the other permanently free titles. It’s up to you. Everything I’ve published has been discounted to $0.99 for some time now, so it’s a steal even if you’re seeing this post after the birthday period is over.

Enough rambling. I know a few of you are eager to get to the free stuff! Here are the links and coupon codes to get both From Where I Stand and Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems for free over on Smashwords. Feel free to comment or send me a message (through here or one of my social media accounts) if you have any issue with the codes or other questions.

Line curvy


From Where I Stand (200X300)

At checkout use coupon code: FQ29M

Line curvy


Winter's Homecoming Cover

At checkout use coupon code: XM78D

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