#Review: Christmas Snow, by Anne Adair

christmas-snowTitle: Christmas Snow (Learning to Trust #1)
Author: Anne Adair
Rating: 4/5 stars

“She’s a Scrooge at Christmas.

But this year, she just might find a little Christmas spirit.

Stunningly beautiful billionaire and CEO, Andi Winters appreciates the holidays, but they’re not exactly up her alley.  She’d rather leave the festivities to everyone else.

This season, she plans to celebrate on the slopes–far from anything Christmasy.

When her flight gets cancelled and she finds herself stuck with no other options, her sweet and sexy employee, Nicole Russo offers her a ride to the ski resort. Nicole is the epitome of Christmas delight– everything Andi isn’t.

But when they get caught in a blizzard, a quaint little Bed and Breakfast just might have all the holiday cheer both women have ever wanted.  Will Andi and Nicole find true love and joy under all the Christmas snow?(description from Goodreads)

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I was in the mood for a quick, holiday themed read and that’s exactly what Christmas Snow was.

It was a light read, with all the basic elements many holiday stories seem to have: a little crush between characters, reluctance, and a snowstorm forcing them closer together. The story was also made more enjoyable due to the fact that the lesbian characters were written just like any other character. They have issues that cause conflict. They have troubled pasts. The fact that they’re lesbians isn’t played up for the sake of being edgy or anything of the sort. They just happen to be lesbians and it’s what I hope to continue finding in books more and more.

What I also found interesting with this story was that it’s part of a series, which I’d be willing to continue reading, but on its own, this has a good amount of closure for me as a reader and leaves it open to the other stories or just my imagination continuing the journey.

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You can grab this book from:

Amazon | B&N | iBooks

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3 responses to “#Review: Christmas Snow, by Anne Adair

  1. Robert, thank you for the lovely review. A mention of your review and a link back here now feature prominently on my website.
    You picked up on one of the important ideas for me while writing this story… they are two people falling in love who happen to be lesbians. I’m so glad that came through.

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