Mile High Author Event: My second book event

In a little over a month, I’ll be going to my second book event, ever.

It’s true that I’ve been to a few readings in the past. Even all the way back in college, I met poet Jericho Brown when he read there. But as far as big author events/signings go, I’ve only been to one so far. You might recall my posts about the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave, in New York back in 2014. September of 2014 to be exact.

A few days short of exactly two years from that event, I’ll be going to the Mile High Author Event out in Denver. This will be much bigger than the one I went to in New York and let’s hope I’m not too tired from the three hour drive that morning and that I don’t forget any of the books I need to bring with me to get signed.

One of the reasons for this post is to brag about going to the event. No, not actually brag. There are many people out there who have never been to an event and don’t live anywhere near any place to hold an event. Back in NY that used to be me, with the one exception. And over my years in the book world, I’ve seen handfuls of friends going to the big events and having fun. I was on the outside looking in to that part of books.

What I’d rather do with the blog is try to help bring everyone else IN to that part of the world, no matter how small of a way. I’ll be taking as many pictures as I can take. I’m sure I’ll be very overwhelmed, but I’m going to try meeting as many of the authors there as I can. A good amount of them I know well enough online. It’ll be fun to tell you how they are in real life. I hope I can bring the experience to life here in the days following.

Before I throw out a few of the names I’m excited to see there, I want to make sure I say this: If YOU’RE going to be at the event, let me know. I’m not going there just for the authors. It’d be fun to meet some of my fellow book lovers, too! Don’t be shy…that’s my job.

You can find the full list of authors attending on the website that’s linked below, but here’s who I’m making sure I meet:

  • Chelsea M. Cameron (Who I met in NY and everyone should try meeting. She’s pretty awesome.)
  • Tara Sivec (Who I’ve known for too long online and I’m a little scared of meeting. I don’t know if the world could handle us both in the same room.)
  • Karina Halle (Another author I’ve known almost since the start of this blog. Just kicking myself that I left my copy of Darkhouse back in NY because I already read it. Now I can’t get it signed.)
  • Cindi Madsen (A fellow Gilmore Girls lover, and fellow Coloradan…I think that’s what we’re called.)
  • A.L. Jackson
  • Alice Clayton
  • Jay Crownover (Who also lives in CO. Another author I didn’t know lived in CO until I moved here. Too bad Jay and Cindi live close to Denver and I’m on the other side of the state.)
  • K.A. Tucker (Left my copy of Ten Tiny Breathes in NY, too. I didn’t plan my life out year in advance like I should have, oops.)
  • Jenn Cooksey
  • Aleatha Romig
  • Jamie McGuire (Luckily my copy of Beautiful Disaster isn’t something I left in NY. I bought that out here!)
  • and everyone else even if I’m not familiar with their books!

So again, if you’re going on September LET ME KNOW! We’ll at least say hi and hang for a few minutes.

Also, now that I have a stack of books to get signed, it also means I have a stack of books to read before they’re signed. I also have a digital pile of even more books I should try reading before the event. That whole “so many books, so little time” thing is catching up to me. I’m challenging myself to put a dent in the part of the TBR these authors reside in. Wish me luck!


More on the Mile High Author Event

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