#Review: Dialing Dreams, by @JEissfeldt

Dialing DreamsTitle: Dialing Dreams
Author: Jessica Eissfeldt
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Get swept into a bygone era filled with fedoras and stilettos, sleek jazz and polished manners, in San Francisco, 1946, where dreams sound like jazz. Belinda Thompson, a telephone operator, longs to sing in the spotlight. But when Nick Hart, a broken-hearted jazz crooner, changes both of their lives when he makes a fateful midnight call, will fear or love prevail in the City by the Bay? (description from Goodreads)

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I enjoyed reading this story set in Eissfeldt’s 1940’s San Francisco. She was able to paint a great picture of what it may have been like at that time, along with incorporating the jazz scene into the atmosphere of the story. When I think jazz, I normally think the 1920s, Fitzgerald, all that. It was a nice change to move up a few decades. The country changed a lot in that time and you can feel it here.

The story was a quick one, and while the two main characters’ relationship developed at a similar pace, I liked the way in which it happened. At first I couldn’t see how even a spark would fly, but it didn’t take long for me to get caught up in their story.

Eissfeldt has me throwing on some old jazz and wanting to read more about her version of this time in history. And I don’t mind that at all.

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You can grab this book from:

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About the Author:

Jessica’s readers share that they are inspired most by the dreamy and nostalgic feel of her fiction and love the romantic imagery in the eras she portrays.

She takes inspiration for her fiction from every aspect of her life, and believes that in order to have a fulfilling artistic life, it’s best to lead a full, adventurous life.

In upholding this philosophy, Jessica has been to many places in North America and has travelled in Europe, Asia and Latin America, finding inspiration for her fiction all along the way.

She has released two ebooks in her Vintage Jazz Lovers romance series: Dialing Dreams and Shattered Melodies. Dialing Dreams hit #6 in Amazon’s 20th century historical romance category. Jessica has also been a finalist in the 2014 Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention American Idol writing contest. She holds a degree in English literature and journalism and lives in Canada.

Find out more:

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