I’ve Opened My Doors for Review Requests

I’ve Opened My Doors for Review Requests

Shocking headline, I know. A Life Among the Pages has been closed for review requests for a few years now. It was a healthy decision on my part, but I think it’s safe to open the doors again.

If you’re an author who has a book, story, novella in need of reviews and you think I’d be a good fit, head over to my review policy. There’s a vast amount of information there on taking the next step in requesting a review from me.

For those who know my policy, it’s changed a little. It’s still lengthy. It’s still straight forward, to the point, and blunt. I know what I don’t want to see in a request and I want to make sure you, the author, knows exactly what that is. Trust me, reading it will benefit you, even if you end up not sending me a request.

I know this is a monumental event for the blog. (Maybe the book world too? Probably not. I shouldn’t think that highly of myself and my status as a reviewer.) I’m going to end this post like this. Here’s my review policy again. Click it if interested. Don’t if you’re not. That’s cool. I’m off to the library now. Let’s see if my inbox blows up while I’m gone 😉


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