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I think you realize by now that I’m not giving up on Poetry Month. I’m going to milk the shit out of it on this 30th day of April. There’s only so much poetry I’ve shared and even more poetry I can continue to share after that.

In this post, the third of the day, I’d like to throw together a small playlist of my favorite poetry videos from Youtube. I’ve shared many of them on Facebook and Twitter, multiple times over the years. Despite this, I’m sure some of you are seeing at least one or two of them for the first time. Even if only one person is seeing one of these videos for the first time, it’ll be a good day.

The poets I’m sharing are poets I want everyone to know. Sarah Kay may be one of my favorites. B, the poem she’s reading in that first video, is a poem I’ll never get tired of reading or listening to. Phil Kaye, her friend (and as you’ll see, not relative in any way) is another great poet to check out. Not just his work with Sarah, either. Nathalie Handal is a pleasure to listen to and the poet who introduced me to Lora. I’m still discovering work from Shane Koyczan, and I haven’t found anything bad in it. It’s all amazing work. Taylor Mali, what can I say about him? There’s really nothing. His works speak volumes for him already. Listen to the one here and go listen to them all! Lastly, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. One of my favorite collections I read in the last few years what her book Dear Future Boyfriend. Listening to her read is an experience I’d like to share with all of you. But the collection is full of even more great poems to shove into your brain space.

Remember what I keep droning on about this month: Poetry isn’t only to be read. It’s to be listened to, felt, experienced in every way possible in our lives, daily.

Don’t stop enjoying poetry one the clock strikes midnight, May 1st. This is only a month to be hyper aware of poetry. The rest of the year is the time to enjoy it…without me shoving it down your throats daily 😉

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