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Do you have a favorite publisher? Do you know who published your favorite books? The answer to these two questions, for me, is no and no. I know the big five publishers. I know the names of many small presses. But it’s not something I pay much attention to when it comes to what books I find, read, and enjoy.

This has changed recently, for me. With all the reading I’ve been doing for poetry month, I’ve been exposing myself to new poetry collections and in turn publishers of these collections. One day I noticed something interesting on the backs of a few collections I borrowed from the library. They were all published by Copper Canyon Press. I hadn’t heard of it before, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t exposed to them. More on that later.

Through this discovery and a few likes and retweets on Twitter, I found their account and followed that up by finding their website. I then found that they’ve published many poets I’m familiar with and realized that this is a press I probably want to pay attention to. If they publish poets I enjoy, they probably publish poets I want to read for the first time.

It’s because of all this that I’d like to bring Copper Canyon Press to your attention, too. And I’d like to highlight a few collections that I’ve read or are in the process of reading.

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Find more about Copper Canyon Press on…

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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