#PoetryMonth – #Review: Unfinished Ink, by Joanne Marlowe

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Line curvyFor those familiar with my reviews, reviewing poetry isn’t something I feel I’m great at. I read it. I enjoy it. After that comes the explanation of my reaction and I normally feel I don’t have adequate words to express how the poetry has touched me or the analytical words for the technical elements of a collection. But, since I do try every now and then, I’d like to attempt another review of a poetry collection.

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Title: Unfinished Ink
Author: Joanne Marlowe
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Unfinished Ink is a unique collection of poetry about love, lust, loneliness, liquor and letting go.  Ms. Marlowe highlights the ups and downs of love with flirty connotations and paints haunting portraits of desperate souls.  Beautiful and tragic, her words will take you on a powerful and emotional journey that will leave you thirsty for a lover and another glass of wine.” (Description from Goodreads)

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Joanne Marlowe’s collection Unfinished Ink, which you were introduced to earlier in the month, is just what the description says it is. To quote a few words, it’s beautiful, tragic, and emotional. All the other words in that description apply, as well, but most of all these words are key.

When reading this collection, you know that Marlowe isn’t holding back. All-out honesty and emotion is what I look for in poetry. Marlowe delivers. Whether the poems are word-for-word accounts of real-life events or embellished upon for the sake of the poem (neither is an issue, of course, and great poetry tends to blur the lines), Marlowe’s words ring true and would be hard for readers not to get drawn in by.

This collection was filled with many gems and will be worth a reread (and many more to follow) down the road a bit. If a poetry collection makes me want to do a reread to enhance the first reading’s experience, it’s a poetry collection I can get behind. Marlowe’s work will be on my shelf for years to come.

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If you’d like a copy of this collection, you can order it directly from the Marlowe’s site:

Order Book Here

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About the Author:

Joanne Marlowe was born on June 3rd, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec.  Joanne currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario where she is continuing to work on her writing, developing new screenplays and publishing poetry.  She strives to help promote local art and artists and encourages others to do so as well.

She is also the author of My Little Book of Randoms and self publishes her work under Strangegirl Publications.  Her style of writing is short and sweet and to the point, much like herself and her personality.  Her poetry can be playful at times but also tragic.  Powerfully raw and candid, her words will resonate with you.

Joanne is currently working on her third book of poetry and hopes that 2016 will lead to some big projects that include film and music.

Find out more:

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