#PoetryMonth – Poetry in Films

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I think you get it by now. Poetry can be found almost ANYWHERE in our lives. In print, coming from our radios, written in the clouds by one of those planes who write things in smoke…ok, I don’t know if anyone’s done that. Maybe someone should get on that.

Today, I want to give a bit of a different recommendations list. It’s the last one of Poetry Month and maybe your eyes are getting tired from reading so much poetry. It’s time to give them a break and watch some movies!

This is list composed of films either based on poems or poets’ lives. I’ve watched them all, which is why they made the list. I Googled a few to get names and found many other lists out there I could have used to expand this one, but I felt like a list of ten that I’ve actually seen and would recommend was better. There’s no particular order. So no one movie is better than ano…wait. Dead Poets Society is the BEST film on this list. The rest are in no particular order. Make sure you watch that one out of any here. The rest were on Netflix at some time in the last few years. There was a period of time I binge watched any bio-film on a writer I could find there. A few didn’t make the list because they weren’t poets. Ok, well, Joyce and Lawrence were technically poets and I did watch a film on each, but the focus wasn’t their poetry. I also don’t remember the films’ names, but go find them if you’d like.

So, as we kick off the last week of Poetry Month for 2016, please go watch some movies. (That’s something I don’t often say.)


  • Dead Poets Society
    • Don’t worry about what it’s about. Just go watch it. Oh, and Robin Williams is in it.
  • Sylvia
    • Biographical film about Sylvia Plath
  • Troy
    • Based on The Iliad
  • Brother, Where Art Thou
    • Based on The Odyssey
  • Howl
    • Biographical film about Ginsberg and the controversy surrounding the poem.
  • Black Butterflies
    • Biographical film about Ingrid Jonker.
  • Pandaemonium
    • Biographical film about Coleridge and Wordsworth
  • I’m Not Here
    • Biographical film about Bob Dylan. Yes, that guy. He’s a great poet.
  • No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
    • Documentary on Bob Dylan.
  • Shakespeare in Love
    • I don’t think I need to say that this one’s about.
  • Tom & Viv
    • Biographical film about T.S. Eliot.
  • Bukowski: Born Into This
    • Documentary on Bukowski.

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Find something you might want to read? I hope so. Want to see another set of recommendations focused on a theme? Let me know what that theme is, and if you can help with some recs for it, include them in the message.

Happy reading!

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