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It’s time for another Story Time Friday post during Poetry Month! In this post I’m pleased to share two poems from new-to-me poet, Lyn Crain.

Lyn came to me early on in my search for poets to feature for National Poetry Month and as always I was happy to let her hope aboard. Spreading the word about unknown (again, unknown-to-me) writers is part of the driving force behind my blog. It’s part of why A Life Among the Pages has been able to keep bringing new and exciting content for years…and today’s no different.

Please enjoy Lyn’s two poems here, and if you enjoy them I hope you continue on to her website for more original poetry. And don’t be shy. Comments are always welcome here on the blog! Just keep it polite since we’re sivilized (as Huck Fin would say) adults 😉
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poetry by Lyn Crain

Social Suicide

At a splintered glance,
the slaughtering branch
suggest a new understanding
for the dreaded masses, commanding
a new meaning for the dying
denying their aggressive lying
The persecuted forget, they are not 
above the light they once sought.
The fragile line between life and death
our thoughts listen with bated breath
to the splintered verses
or screaming curses.
Silence takes from a skeleton
whose bones shudder like gelation
praying for tenderness beyond this page
that the lost secrets won’t engage
the destruction of mankind
through the years we refined
our lies, and plead naiveté
although our reactions betray
our abandoned view
until the cowering end
we feel entitled to a godsend.

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Heady aroma fills the air
almost sickening to breathe in
I kneel here, intent on prayer.

Magnolia blossoms twirl and spin
dramatic like a tornado,
almost sickening to breathe in.

They overshadow her death blow,
daring to steal her last moment
dramatic like a tornado!

It is I who need atonement,
I failed to save her from herself,
daring to steal her last moment.

She was crushed like a broken shelf,
my cruel words splintered her heart,
I failed to save her from herself.

It was me, from the very start!
Heady aroma fills the air,
cowardly I didn’t do my part.
I kneel here, intent on prayer.

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About the Author:

I’m 60,  avid reader of poetry and writer of poetry about my life experiences.  At my age, trust me there have been many.  My goal with my upcoming book, In My Shoes is to make a difference for women by raising awareness about domestic violence in an unusual poetic way.  Silence Enables, I cannot be silent.

My greatest poetic influences are Billy Collins, Sylvia Plath, Ron Rash, Kim Addonizio, Charles Bukowski, Ann Bradstreet, Anne Sexton, W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot. These poets are my heroes.

I am happily remarried to my best friend Vic and we live with three felines Purryl Bailey, W.B. Yeats and Macavity Eliot in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. I am blessed with four children and seven grandchildren.

Find out more:

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