#PoetryMonth – Down Valley Voices’ March #OpenMic

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Back in December I mentioned that I’m now part of a writing community here in Rifle, Colorado (and includes the surrounding towns of course). For months we’ve been having open mic nights at our great local coffee shop, Olive Ridley’s. We’re still working out the kinks, but that’s what makes the experience worth coming back to again and again.

Brittany Rose, who you should remember from her recent Story Time Friday feature, is the brains behind the open mics and Down Valley Voices (the name she came up with for us). I can’t thank her enough for starting the events and giving me a reason to get more comfortable with getting up in front of people to read.

For today’s post, I’d like to share the recordings of the last open mic night, from March. As I said, we’re still working out kinks. I’m sure we’ll be doing so for months to come. So the sound isn’t amazing all the time. But the camera’s nice and steady and has a pretty good angle. That’s what matters, right? Haha.

I read some work, Brittany reads some. My girlfriend even gets up to read a few times. There’s even some music, which is slowly becoming a thing at our events. We don’t limit performance to just spoken word. “Sung” word is also poetry!

I hope you enjoy. I’d be happy to keep posting things like this if we record in the future.

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I also have a little bonus to include with this post. I could have saved it for the future, but it felt like the right post to include it in. Here’s video from my first public reading. It was in my final semester of college all those years ago. I wanted to include it here to see if you think I’ve improved any. I think I have. And like with the open mic video, I’m including the entire playlist of the reading. Not just the video of me reading. That way you can have more to watch/listen to!

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