#PoetryMonth – @Tashtoo shares a new poem

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Do you want more poetry to read? I’m guessing the answer is a big YES. You did click on a Poetry Month link after all. And that’s what you’re getting on today’s post: a brand new poem from Natasha Head!

I’ve known Natasha for a few years now and like what I’m trying to do with Poetry Month, she does 24/7. This event is to help spread poetry to as many people as I can. And there’s a hope that it’ll keep spreading and people will keep reading. Well, Natasha Head is a huge advocate for getting poetry into everyone’s life. You’ll see poetry all over her social media and for me it’s often a daily reminder to take a minute out of the day to read something new, something to reach inside the reader and touch them, something that’ll have a lasting effect.

This poem, Tapestry, is only a glimpse at Natasha’s talent and passion for the poetic form. I hope after reading this piece you’ll go on to explore more of her words. Remember, like one of Natasha’s more used hastags says, Read More Poetry!

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by Natasha Head

We exist as threads
Intricately woven
Between the then and now

Memories like silk
Through the eye of the needle
Embroidered emotions

Braided as bandage
Quilting our scars
Stitched together

Through that which connects us
A web of emotion
Colourful commonalities

Joy, pain
Love, loss
Lust, envy

It is in our most tender moments
Our most intimate whispers
Our most frightening desires

Where we find the courage
To adorn ourselves
In the lives we have created

Where our mistakes are made art
Our regrets turn to poetry
And our shame is silenced

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If you’d like to read more of Natasha’s poetry, she has a few collections out.

Nothing Left To Lose

Amazon | B&N

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Amazon | B&N

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Birthing Inadequacy

Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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About the Author:

Natasha Head grew up in Hants County, Nova Scotia, spending most of her youth penning odes to the beautiful countryside and the trouble that can so easily be found when you’re too young to appreciate the simple things.

Natasha is author of three collections of poetry. The 2012 Pushcart Prize nominated “Nothing Left to Lose” and the narrative fictional collection, “Pulse, both published by Winter Goose Publishing. Her most recent collection “Birthing Inadequacy” is now available for purchase.  Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies, including “In the Presence of Poets”, “Inspiration Speaks” and “Signals From Static”. Visit the “News” tab as recent publications are posted here.

After a stint in Northern Alberta, Natasha now finds herself writing along the shores of Lake Timiskaming in the beautiful province of Ontario.

Find out more:

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