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Time for more book recommendations! I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far and maybe found your next favorite book. Just in case you missed those:

Today I’d like to bring a new list to your attention. You’ll notice a little bit of overlap with the last list. My college required poetry reading was a bit more diverse than the rest of my courses’ required reading lists. And looking back at this, I’m glad that was the case. But I also hope that things have changed a little in colleges. In the end, it all depends on the instructor.

The list I present you with today is a list of poets and collections from LGBTQ poets. I might have been able to make this list along, with extensive Googling and falling into rabbit holes so deep you wouldn’t see me until next April. I didn’t do that, though. Instead, Twitter helped with 98.7649% of this list and I thank them for that. Specifically, I’d like to than Dahlia Adler and her new creation LGBTQ Reads. Seeing Dahlia having a place for the type of recommendations I was looking for, I asked for some help. In turn, she asked her followers for some help and the magical machine of Twitter slammed me with recommendations within minutes. (I’m still a little nostalgic about the golden days when Twitter was social. This interaction brought back some of those memories.)

I could go into a lengthy reasoning for why I wanted to make this list. I could go into all the reasons I want to help spread lists of diverse books, whether it’s diversity of race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other non-“norm” categorization. I won’t though. If you’re still reading this, you probably know why it’s important. You know that the publishing world (along with most other aspects of life) is very white, male, and straight. Very boring and predictable. Lists like this one, and places  like LGBTQ Reads and We Need Diverse Books are aimed to help change that and make readers aware there are other things out there.

Please check out these poets. And comment with any I should add. There are so many names to include here that haven’t been. I’ll post a second list if I get enough input! I’d be more than happy to do so.


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Find something you might want to read? I hope so. Want to see another set of recommendations focused on a theme? Let me know what that theme is, and if you can help with some recs for it, include them in the message.

Happy reading!

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