#PoetryMonth – Unfinished Ink, by Joanne Marlowe

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What’s a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month? Easy, by reading more poetry! How do you read more poetry? By buying more poetry and supporting great poets in the process. It’s good to support poets (authors, and all artists) so we can keep putting out more work for you to read.

Today I’d like to share a collection that you may have seen on the blog last year when it came out. It’s by Joanne Marlowe, a fellow poet who’s so supportive of the arts. She deserves a bit more exposure, and I’m here to help do that. I hope you consider spreading the word about her collection, as well. If you’ve already read it, it’s not her only collection. Click that order link below and you’ll find other work by her!

Now, before I let you go off to read some more poetry, here’s a little bit about Marlowe’s collection Unfinished Ink. There may even be a poem or two down there to tease you.

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Unfinished Ink is a unique collection of poetry about love, lust, loneliness, liquor and letting go.  Ms. Marlowe highlights the ups and downs of love with flirty connotations and paints haunting portraits of desperate souls.  Beautiful and tragic, her words will take you on a powerful and emotional journey that will leave you thirsty for a lover and another glass of wine. 

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I had a dream last night
That I was on the other side of the world
And I saw the most beautiful sunset
I took a picture of it to send to you
But then I realized that I took this picture
Through a window
I also realized that you weren’t there with me
We should have shared this moment together
It made me sad
Then I thought
I shouldn’t be watching the world
And through a window
I should be outside
Breathing in the fresh air
And that I should be here
Seeing the world
Experiencing it
So I stayed there
But not alone
I turned around
And someone else was there
That person took my hand
And we went outside
We watched every sunset together
And I never looked through another window again

Copyright © 2015 by Joanne Marlowe and Strangegirl Publications

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You over there, smoking your cigar
20 year olds don’t look cool smoking cigars
You’re trying too hard at something
It doesn’t work for you
I see you looking around to see
Whose watching you
You get the occasional look
But not in agreement
Too young to be a hipster
Too old to be cute
And spare us your story of
How you began your love affair
With cigars and Castro
And stop using the word “stoked”
I hate that word
It doesn’t go with your cigar anyway

Copyright © 2015 by Joanne Marlowe and Strangegirl Publications

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If you’d like a copy of this collection, you can order it directly from the Marlowe’s site:

Order Book Here

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About the Author:

Joanne Marlowe was born on June 3rd, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec.  Joanne currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario where she is continuing to work on her writing, developing new screenplays and publishing poetry.  She strives to help promote local art and artists and encourages others to do so as well.

She is also the author of My Little Book of Randoms and self publishes her work under Strangegirl Publications.  Her style of writing is short and sweet and to the point, much like herself and her personality.  Her poetry can be playful at times but also tragic.  Powerfully raw and candid, her words will resonate with you.

Joanne is currently working on her third book of poetry and hopes that 2016 will lead to some big projects that include film and music.

Find out more:

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