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Poet RobotTitle: Poet Robot
Author: E.I. Wong

Rating: 4/5 stars

“The collected works of E.I. Wong.” (description from Goodreads)








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I got a copy of this book without really knowing anything about the poet or his work. I finished the book feeling like I might know a little more about Wong and have a good feel for his work. With the subtitle “An Introduction to E.I. Wong” I guess the book accomplished it’s goal.

Within Poet Robot are three separate collections: 1) A Narcissist Writes Letters, to Himself, 2) The Second Person, and 3) (Most of) Tin Lion or, the badge of heartless cowards. Each of these collections showcase a different style of writing. Unifying all three is humor. The humor may not be to everyone’s liking, but I feel that with Wong’s sense of humor, as long as you’re open to feeling a little uncomfortable at times, it’s enjoyable. I think it means to push buttons, but all in good fun.

Overall this is a quick read and somewhat out of my comfort zone even within the wild west of poetry (especially The Second Person written in…well, you guessed it: the second person POV). I enjoyed it. I think Wong has a talent for saying whatever he wants, that I admire. I’d be open to reading more of his work in the future, that’s for sure.

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You can grab a copy of this book from:


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About the Author:

Eric Wong is a dentist in San Francisco. He is also a lawyer, an MMA fighter, a Canadian bassist, a talent scout (who for some reason does not represent the Canadian bassist), a neurosurgeon, nurse, management consultant, several cell phone salespersons, and even more software engineers. This particular Eric (or “E.I.”) Wong is considerably less financially successful, albeit far more attractive. He writes the blog “A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself.”

You can find more about Sonya here:

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