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If you’ve been following along with the month’s posts, your poetry TBR might be a close to toppling over. Along with featuring fellow poets, I’ve done two Sunday Themed Recommendations (Indies and What I read in College). Today, I’m going to try adding at least one more book to that TBR pile. Maybe more than that ūüėČ

I have Susie Clevenger back on the blog. You’ll remember her from day 2 when she let us know she’ll be attempting to write 30 poems this month. Don’t forget to follow along with her progress HERE. And you can find my 30-in-30 poems HERE (yea, you tried clicking that didn’t you? There’s nothing to click. I’m failing at the writing this month…but maybe I have something up my sleeve later on. We’ll see.)

Today we’ll learn a little bit about her latest collection of poems,¬†Insomnia’s Ink. With that title alone, I’m sure the writers reading this can relate…and the readers can relate due to the long nights of not wanting to put down a book.

Without holding you up any longer, here’s¬†Insomnia’s Ink!

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Insomnia, I believe I was born with it. My youngest memories are lying wide awake at night with my imagination running at full throttle. With my brain hotwired to function on little sleep I find midnight to 3:00 a.m. is when my muse decides to send poetry to pen.

Insomnia’s Ink is a sampling of the scattered thinking I live with. My brain is a lot like a remote control in my hand. It is constantly channel surfing what I’ve read, what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, what I feel until it finds a place to stop long enough to focus and create. In this collection if I were to choose one word to describe the ink blots across the pages, it would be emotion.

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Insomnia's Ink


Insomnia’s Ink is birthed from night hours of little sleep, caffeine,
and open eyed dreaming. Sit with Susie Clevenger beneath a forty
watt moon and explore the shadow and light of emotions that visit
her between midnight and the birdsong of morning.

If you’d like to get a copy of the book, you can find it on:

EBOOK: Amazon

PRINT: Createspace | Amazon

 You can also find more of her poetry in her first collection Dirt Road Dreams on


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About the Author:

Susie Clevenger is author of the poetry collections, Dirt Road Dreams and Insomnia’s Ink.  Her poetry has been featured in the online publications, The Creative Nexus, Poetry & Prose Magazine, Yellow Chair Review, The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project, and Journey of the Heart. Susie resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, Charlie.

Find out more:

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