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I wanted to give you all a gift that’ll keep on giving, especially if you get involved! Yesterday’s Poetry Month post was S.M. Boyce reading her poem A Life For Sale. And you know I’m a fan of listening to poetry, if you read that post.

Because I enjoy listening to poetry, and because I enjoy using Spotify, I decided awhile back to combine the two. I created a playlist on Spotify to bring together all the great poetry I could find. And surprisingly I found SO MUCH poetry.

That’s what I want to share with you today. My poetry playlist. Currently there are 384 “songs”, or just under 21 hrs of poetry to listen to. It includes modern poets like Andrea Gibson, Buddy Wakefield, and Shane Koyczan. I also have poets from the early days of recording like Yeats, Frost, and many more than I thought had recordings. Not all poems are read by the poet (especially the Shakespeare I think I put on there, duh).

I’d like to have this playlist grow so we can all discover more poets. I’m sure there are others out there I haven’t gotten to yet. Please feel free to add them! I made the list where anyone can add to it. At least I think so. I had some trouble getting things to work over there and on this post. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Hope you enjoy. And keep reading, listening, and discovering!

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