#PoetryMonth – #NationalPoetryMonth begins!

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Line curvyWe’re kicking off National Poetry Month today, on A Life Among the Pages! That’s right, we, not just me. For my month long NPM event that I call Poetry Month, you’ll be able to read poetry and essays on poetry from myself and a variety of other poets. You’ll also find out about various poetry collections to fill your shelves with.

The goal of this event is to help spread the love of poetry as far as we can. Even if we just make a few readers more aware of what’s out there, it’ll be a good time for all.

Today is also Friday. This is normally a day for Story Time Friday on the blog. Because of this, I’m going to combine this kick-off post with an old STF post from May 1st of last year. It’s a poem to NPM, written just as the month ended. Even though today is the beginning of the next event, I feel that this poem is still fitting in a way. I hope it does for you too as I haven’t written anything new just yet and I may or may not be half-assing this first post. Don’t worry, I’m working on new content for the rest of the month. I’ve just been a bit busy setting everyone up so it all goes smoothly.

I’m happy to have you all hear and I hope you stick around for the next thirty days. It’s going to be the best NPM on ALATP yet!

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To National Poetry Month

by Robert Zimmermann


(may I call you that?)
you were fun
while you lasted.
I wish you didn’t have to

You were filled with words,
both written
and read.
You were a month full
of appreciation
for an ancient craft.

the poets and
lovers and
innocent bystanders of unnecessary rhyme,
thank you.

Thank you, April.
For being there
for tortured souls and
inspired dreamers alike… 

Until next year,
A Poet

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About the Author:

I’m the author. If you got this far through the post and didn’t know that, now you do. If you need to know more…you can find it all on the blog already.

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