#PoetryMonth – From Where I Stand is #free all of April

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Do we make money writing/publishing poetry? No, no we don’t. A few of us might, at least a little bag full o’ gold every now and then.

But that’s not what it’s really about, is it? If you take one thing away from Poetry Month, I hope it’s this: We write, read, and experience poetry because we want to and have to. It’s in our nature to. And as poets the need is stronger. Putting it out in the world is an added bonus. Making a few pennies off of it helps too.

In order to help make poetry even more accessible, I like to offer my work free as often as I see the need. This month, I’m doing just that. I already have two published single poems. Those are I WOULD and WORDS (click the titles to find buy links). As an added bonus, I’m offering From Where I Stand for free, too!

If you need/want a copy, head on over to Smashwords and use the coupon code I’ll post in a moment at checkout. It’ll bring the price down to $0.00 and then you can download whatever ebook format you’d like for any device. If you need help on that, just let me know and I’ll help out.

If you need/want a copy, and don’t want to get it free, you’re more than welcome to buy it for not-free. The ebook is only $1.99 now (on Amazon, $2.99 everywhere else. I don’t sell elsewhere anyway, but I’ll lower the price if people need me to.) Or grab the book in print from Createspace for $5.99. It’s pretty much the lowest I can price is without losing money. (And buying direct from CS helps out the authors MUCH more than going to Amazon, so please consider spending your hard earned money there instead. Authors get more royalties at CS on the same amount you’d be spending on Amazon. Not just my book, but every book.)

Ok, that turned into a “this is the best way to support authors” rant. Enough about that. READ MORE POETRY! Bottom. Line.

For the free ebook…

Smashwords Link

Coupon Code: PR54X

Expires: May 1, 2016

For the ebook NOT free…

Amazon | KoboB&N | iBooks

To buy the book in print…

Createspace, only $5.99

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From Where I Stand (200X300)

From Robert Zimmermann comes From Where I Stand, an emotional debut poetry collection.  Zimmermann explores strained parental relationships, loss of life, and the despair associated with grief.  Alongside these darker themes, he delves into the small areas of life that often go unnoticed but become the hope we are searching for.

From Where I Stand is the winner of the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Award, in the poetry category (Winter 2013)

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About the Author:

I’m the author. If you got this far through the post and didn’t know that, now you do. If you need to know more…you can find it all on the blog already.

Find out more:

  • Website – You’re already here…duh!
  • All of this is already on the blog too.
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Goodreads
    • Amazon author page
    • Smashwords author page

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