I’m Heading Back to New York…

…for a few  days, at least.

This Friday I’ll be heading to Denver to board a plane, then flying to Buffalo. Then, I’ll be doing the opposite very early Sunday morning. This means a lot of time in the air and a lot of time to read!

A few years back, when I flew out to Vegas to run Tough Mudder with my college roommate who lived out there, it was my first time on a plane. I discovered quickly that it was the best opportunity to get reading done. There’s nothing else to do when you’re trapped in a seat miles above the ground. I got a good amount of reading done on that trip. Reading that I wouldn’t have gotten done if I’d have been anywhere else.

I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity again this weekend. Friday and Sunday will be reading days, but not Saturday because that’s the day of my brother’s wedding…the reason I’m going to Buffalo in the first place.

So…what will I be reading? I have hundreds of novels I could bring with me or fill my Kindle with. I already have a large amount on my Kindle waiting to be read, but aside from an ARC of Tara Sivec’s soon to be released Baking and Babies (October 30th release, stay tuned) and the new Pendergast novel (another soon to be released book), I want to take some time to read through some short stories. While I don’t have a shortage of these, either, I’ve been trying to get recommendations of single short stories I can fill my Kindle with.

Facebook hasn’t been much help getting recommendations. This is mainly because no one gets to see the posts. I did get one author, Emma Calin, sharing links to her short stories. Those are up on the Kindle. So are a few random ones I found on Smashwords. What else should I put on my Kindle? The shorter the better. Collections are probably not the best thing for me. I’d rather single published stories so I can get them read and move to another, and also possibly review it on its own next week.

Please feel free to comment or message me here (or any social media platform) with a suggestion, even if it’s your own stories. Any genre, as well. Novellas are ok, but shorter stories work best for me. It’s one of the few times I’m asking to be solicited like this. Take advantage of it 😉

I look forward to expanding my short story reading. Get those recs coming in!

P.S. – Monday, the 26th, is my birthday. I might do some sort of special post for it. Not really sure, but who knows…maybe I’ll give away all my books for free for my birthday. If you would like my books, let me know so I can see if it’s worth setting up a post like that. (Gifts to me are also fine if you want to go that route…ok, that’s greedy of me, I have more than enough books to read, don’t I?)

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