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On Tuesday, I will be leaving New York for (semi-) good. If you didn’t see in a recent post, I’m moving to Colorado. It’s two thousand miles away and more books than that aren’t going to make the journey with me. A rough estimate (since I’m still finalizing what’s going in the car) is a little less than 200 books are moving to my new home.

Despite the admitted need to NOT bring an excessive amount of books, I find myself needing to obtain more books. Luckily, I’ve been very good about this. I have gone to the bookstore a few times recently, but didn’t get too many books (a few for my girlfriend, not myself). Today was another day I visited my local used bookstore.

This time, though, it was my last time.

Ok, not my last time, technically, but it will be my last time for quite some time. The bookstore is closed on Sundays and Monday is booked full with last minute moving things. So I walked in the store today and found one last book to buy. That book was…

11760081_878633682220088_637854744002810579_nThere may have been more books there that I’ve been wanting to read or buy, but I focused on something I’ve never seen before. Something I can’t go down to the library and find readily. (Which is how I tried to choose which books I’d bring. If I think it’ll be at the library, it probably didn’t go.) I found this one on the dollar hardcover shelf where I find many books I’ve never heard of but turn out to be great books. I’m hoping that this book will be just that. If it’s not, I guess I can blame the blurbs from Jonathan Lethem, Pat Conroy, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman, found on the dust jacket. Not that those sold me on it. That prize goes to the description.

Aside from getting my last book from this store, a store I’ve been going to for more than a decade, I had to say goodbye to the owner. Without getting into boring detail, it was a strange experience. I haven’t had to say goodbye to people in this way often. And it’s finally hitting me that everyone I see in the next few days, no matter who they are, I won’t see them again for awhile after, if ever again.

The same can be said about my town, my county, and state of New York. High up on that list of things I’ll miss is my local bookstore, Catnap Books (look it up and visit if you’re ever near Cobleskill, NY. They’ll need some new customers to make up for the hole I’ll leave.) I’ll also miss many other bookstores I’ve found over the years. Another to mention is Popek’s, over on Otego, NY whose owner runs the Forgotten Bookmarks blog. Wish I had a little more time to have stopped down there again.

So, you see, people can be missed, but in the book world, we also have to deal with missing stores. I know many people have to deal with bookstores closing down (especially in recent years). Others say goodbye because they leave the area, like myself. Whatever the reason, I hope we can all find our way back or forward into a store yet to be discovered. I’ll have my book-dar on as soon as we reach our new home. Our home will be wanting more and more books, no doubt.

So long New York.

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