#Books of #America

Today is the day we celebrate the United States of America’s independence from England. As we know, we signed the Declara…

Ok, enough with the history lesson. Most of you know the whole story anyway. This is a book blog. Not necessarily a blog for educating people. Though, I think I’ll do a little education today through the use of books. I went through about a third of my collection this morning and picked out a variety of American book. Most are pretty well-known, but a few might be knew to you.

Well, here it is: My attempt at being patriotic.


We’re still a relatively young country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have enough history to have ghosts coast to coast.


Here are some American authors who were very in touch with nature and liked writing about it.


And it’s not just the men who enjoy writing about nature…


Susan Fenimore Cooper, daughter of James, did too. And according to the back of my copy of Rural Hours, she was the first American woman to publish nature writing.


We’re also fond of short stories. Here’s a book (one of a few I own) devoted to American short stories.


And here are some well-respected American short story writers.


To quote a famous someone (who you’ll meet soon): “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!” That’s right. Whether exaggerated a bit or not, books can make (and change, sadly) history.


And if you want to know about the man who said those words, Carl Sandburg wrote just a little about him. The man was Abraham Lincoln. You know, the guy on the penny and five dollar bill.


But famous poet Carl Sandburg may have forgotten some of Lincoln’s grand history. So Seth Grahame-Smith made sure we all knew about his Vampire Hunting days.


While this is just a (very) small selection of black American authors, there is a vast amount out there to read. Here are some of the more influential titles in my collection. But I’ll admit, it needs to become a bigger part of my collection.


America may seem to be at war with someone all the time, but not all of use enjoy it. Many books have been written about war throughout all of history. American authors aren’t immune to writing about it, either.


There was also a time when we regularly sent people into space. Sadly, it didn’t always go that well.


There are many writers who have take up entire shelves, or more, in the library. One of those authors is John Steinbeck. Here are just ten of the books I own. I have some more in hardcover that I didn’t dig out.


Many things have gone wrong in this country over the years, just like in any other country. What I dug out for this picture is a few books in which things go very bad for us.


And not all Americans are perfect (that’s putting it lightly).


But an American childhood can be pretty good at times.


Just ask Hemingway. Even though he spent a good amount of his life in other countries, Papa has a soft spot for America. Especially in his Nick Adams stories.


Don’t forget about our poets. Here are just a few from various periods in American poetry.


Whatever you read today, if you make it from America, you have so much to choose from. From the American literary cannon to some of the more non-required readings.

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