As many of you may know already, I live in New York. And no, not New York…City. New York is also a state, and most of it goes unnoticed when someone says New York. But before I get off track so early on in this post, I’ll go back to the point. I live in New York. I’ve lived in New York for almost 27 years. I’ve been out of state briefly, once to Florida (so technically I’ve been down the entire coast from NY south), Virginia, and Nevada (when I did Tough Mudder out near Vegas). But these were only up to a week trips and spaced years apart. I’m a New Yorker.

What am I getting at? Well, go back and look at the title of this post. Now come back down here. Colorado. I’m moving to Colorado very soon. My girlfriend got a job offer right out of grad school, and we’re going out there to do that whole adult thing. And this is my post explaining some things to you, my loyal, long-time readers, because things around A Life Among the Pages are going to have to change. At least I’m predicting change.

Obviously with a cross-country move, I won’t be able to blog often during that time. I’m actually not expecting to blog at all during the move. It’ll be a few days most likely, but then there’s the settling in period, blah blah. So for the rest of this summer, at the very least, I’ll probably seem like I’ve abandoned the blog. It’s in a way true. There are some book releases from ALATP favorite authors coming out in July and August. I’ll schedule those posts to go up on release dates, in advance. And I plan on at least doing a post about the move itself. Pictures from the road and all that. But aside from that, it’ll be quiet. I didn’t die, so don’t freak out too much.

Are any of you worrying about my book collection? I know I am. I now own over 2400 print books. That’s about 500 more than the last How I Store All of my Books post from March 2014 and more than 1,000 more than the first post from February 2012. I own tons of books (maybe literally. I’ve never weighed them.) The plan is to only move a few boxes with me to Colorado, then figure out the fate of the rest later on. They’ll be safe here in New York for the foreseeable future, so it’s not like they’ll be donated, thrown out, or sold. Unless I really went through and made a pile that I know I’ll probably never want or won’t end up reading because my taste changed, they will all be mine forever. (I have issues maybe, but don’t we all.) When I pick the ones going to Colorado, I’ll share that list with you all. It should be an interesting mini collection.

Also, I think with this smaller collection going with me, I’ll be using the local library more often and that may even be a gateway into the community…something I don’t much have here in New York or care much to stick my head into. So it’ll be a time of many changes.

One last thing about all this: I know almost nothing about Colorado. It has mountains, plains, Denver, and snow (but I’m used to snow, so whatever). I figured switching my reading over to books about/involving Colorado could be a cool thing to do. Educational and maybe beneficial in other ways for the move. I’ve asked on Twitter (with no response) and on Facebook (where I have a mini-list of recs). And I got a few books the other day that were random picks. So I’ll ask here on the blog now. If you know of books set in, about, with characters from, etc Colorado, please let me know. I probably won’t end up getting to read more than one or maybe two, but having a pile to choose from is how I work best.

photo 2

When I read this, it’ll be my first “true” western. Not sure why the genre never appealed to me, but I’m sure it will surprise me in some way. Couldn’t pass up a book with Colorado! as the title. (Wagon’s West is the series.)

photo 1

The title and colors on the cover caught my eye. Not sure much else about this one.

I know I’ve read a few books in the past that involve Colorado in some way. Many apocalyptic books use places like Boulder, CO as sort of a safe haven or restarting point. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s in countless books and movies as such a place. (Like The Stand just to throw one out there.) Two books that include CO in them that I’ve reviewed here on the blog are Lichgates (it starts off in the Rockies, and is part of why it grabbed me from that first chapter) by S.M. Boyce and Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King.

I look forward to hearing some book recommendations from you all. Oh, to find recommendations for your own reading, don’t forget about the new Sunday Themed Book Recs posts that recently started. And keep an eye out for updates on the move and all that in the coming weeks. That’ll be mostly on Facebook and/or Twitter, but possibly on the blog, too. Maybe this being an adult thing will work out for the best and even more news will come your way.

Talk to you all soon, and happy reading!

4 responses to “#Colorado!

  1. Wow! That’s a big move! I wish you all kinds of happiness in Colorado. Which is close to Arizona *nudge nudge* lol. We just moved to a different city here in Spain and most of the boxes in the moving truck were labeled ‘books’. The movers even said, “Are you moving something else apart from books?” 😀 Anyways, let us know about your new ventures!

    • Are you two living in Spain and the US or was it a permanent move to Spain? And if I was to go out of the country, I’d have to move all my books. It would be too far away from them for comfort, haha. But in-country, I can move them out slowly as I get the money to do so. Part of it’s the cost of moving so much and part of it’s just making sure we’re settled in without cluttering up an apartment. I’m just lucky I have the option to leave most of them here.

      And it’ll be an adventure. Closer to many things out on the western half of the US, where many of my book friends are (and many in the mid-west too). We’ll see what adventures and travel come from it!

      • We just moved from one town in Spain to another. We live in the States only 3 months a year. I have many books in Phoenix and I miss them so much!

  2. Sounds perfect…travel and scenery changes are so great for the mind and body. Best of luck. I’ll send another box of books one fine year down the line 😉

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