Themed #Book Recommendations: #Hockey in Books

For this week’s recommendation’s list, I decided to keep with the sports theme. Last week was baseball. This week, in honor of the end of the season recently, I’m focusing on hockey books.

I recruited Kristalyn from The Sarcastic Palmtree because of her love of hockey and hockey-related books, as well as Sophia Henry (who has a hockey book, Delayed Penalty, of her own coming in September).

Don’t forget to comment with recommendations of your own if you have any, and to help choose the next theme if you can.


There are also MANY more books and authors to check out over on Diane’s Book Blog, when many hockey authors go together to have some Stanley Cup fun this year. Click HERE to look at all that.


Find something you might want to read? I hope so. Want to see another set of recommendations focused on a theme? Let me know what that theme is, and if you can help with some recs for it, include them in the message.

Happy reading!

3 responses to “Themed #Book Recommendations: #Hockey in Books

  1. LOVE Sarina Bowen and Sawyer Bennett and Out of Play! I’ve heard great things about Aven Ellis and Toni Aleo, too. Also enjoyed Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series and Jennifer’s Lazaris’s Getting Lucky.

    If you keep with the sports theme, maybe do football next? I recently got hooked on Cora Carmack’s Rusk University series. Enjoyed Rush by Nyrae Dawn too!

    • Next post is going to be dragons. Didn’t want to get stuck in sports, to be honest. It might grab some people, but since it’s a new thing on the blog, I want to keep it diverse and throw random things at people. But I’ll keep football in mind more toward September/October, I’m thinking. Get it out there for people with football fever. Football starts around then, right? Haha (I’m clueless to the sport.)

      • Makes total sense! Dragons would be cool. I don’t think I’ve read many with them.

        I think that’s about when football season starts. I don’t keep up with it as well as hockey haha.

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