#NewRelease: Unfinished Ink, by Joanne Marlowe

Today I’d like to share a new poetry collection from a poet I’ve been following for awhile now. The collection is called Unfinished Ink and the poet is Joanne Marlowe.

Below you can find out a little about the collection and where to buy it. You can also find a few links to find more out about the poet.

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Unfinished Ink is a unique collection of poetry about love, lust, loneliness, liquor and letting go.  Ms. Marlowe highlights the ups and downs of love with flirty connotations and paints haunting portraits of desperate souls.  Beautiful and tragic, her words will take you on a powerful and emotional journey that will leave you thirsty for a lover and another glass of wine. 

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If you’d like a copy of this collection, you can order it directly from the Marlowe’s site here:

Order Book Here

It can also be ordered through her Facebook.

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Find out more:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Google +

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