Prose Verse Babel, 11: Girl Poem #NationalPoetryMonth

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This poem was an experiment inspired by checking out a stack of books sitting on my desk. I saw Gillian Flynn’s  Gone Girl and my current read, Girl at War by Sara Nović (you may remember seeing that book in the last PVB post.

I saw Girl and Girl in the titles and an idea formed: I should try writing a poem with all the books I own with “girl” in the title. So, after doing a quick search of my print collection (see, it helps having a database on the computer), here’s what I wrote. *Note, a few books were left off because “girl’ wasn’t its own word in the title. I had a few with “girlfriend” and other variations. It didn’t seem to fit the idea for the poem.*

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The third to last book is Ghost Girl by poet Laura Madeline Wiseman. It’s a thin chapbook, with no title on the spine.

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The Diary of a Young Girl

The silent Girl,
the Girl who loved
Tom Gordon.
Girl, interrupted.
The Girl who kicked
the hornet’s nest

The Girl with
the dragon tattoo.
Metro Girl.
Gone Girl.

The Girl who
played with fire.
Girl at
Girl vs.ghost.
Ghost Girl,
Goddess, #9.
The Forever Girl.

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If you’d like to send in some of your own book spine poetry, you can find out how to do that on the main Prose Verse Babel page. I’m always happy to share with my readers. They love this stuff!

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